You Can’t Insta-Breakup… Or Can You? Different Ways To End a Relationship In 2014

BACK IN MY DAY (because I’m old?) breaking up with someone via text message was basically the worst thing you could possibly ever do. There was even a song about it. As a victim of what was kind of/sort of/definitely a text message break up once upon a time a long time ago, I can […]

Dear Today’s Youth…

Dear today’s youth, It may be a sign that I’m getting old, but there are a lot of things that you teens and 20-year-olds do that I just do not understand. You wear crop tops. You are literally wearing half a shirt. You paid money for half clothing. It’s spring in the northeast, which means it’s […]

Surviving Wedding Season As a Single Lady

Your fridge is full of save-the-dates and soon those dates will be upon you and being single – you’re fucking dreading them.  But before you start popping the anti-anxiety meds and trying to find a random date to attend your friend or family’s latest nuptials – take a breath and check yourself before you wreck […]

Why You Need To Ditch the Five-Year Plan

Since I’ve graduated from college (2 years ago to date), I’ve been asked what my “five-year plan” is, and I used to have a really solid answer: finish my Master’s degree, start teaching at a community college, find a guy who is marriage material, get married, buy a house, and find a full-time teaching job, […]

Please Stop Overachieving, Younger Sister

I’m the oldest in a family of three girls, but I most definitely look like the youngest (it’s a gift, and a curse.). Due to this, often times people will confuse my younger sister and I. I’m 26, and she’s 24, and she looks maybe like she’s 31, and she has her life completely together. […]

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9 Reasons Why Marathon Monday Was Awesome

I didn’t run 26.2 miles but I left the city of Boston inspired and with swollen feet. Seriously, I know this is terrible to even mention but my legs and feet are so sore after walking leisurely through the streets of Boston. 1. An American won! Amurica. 2. I was able to throw a few […]

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Just Say “No” to Facebook Relationships!

How many times a day do you see some couple’s wall-to-wall conversations on Facebook? How about the engagements rings and proposals? Oh, and the passive-aggressive break-up statuses? I guarantee your answer to all of these questions was “too many.” Facebook has become the ultimate virtual relationship expo, and it is exhausting. This practice was cute […]

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An Open Letter To Online Negative Commentators

Dear Hidden Villain, As I’m trying to break into the world of online blogging, I have noticed that you always have something to say and it’s almost never positive. What’s up with that? I guess your world is comprised of cynical assholes rather than inspired life lovers. And for that, I feel sorry for you. […]

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5 Eco-Friendly Earth Day Finds

Words like “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” have been a hot topic over the past year, but what does that really mean? And do we need to adopt this lifestyle? For the purpose of this post, we’re going to focus on sustainable fashion. Basically, instead of using harsh chemicals on an H&M shirt, a material like bamboo or […]

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I Abstained for 40 Days

I took Lent to the next level this year. Instead of giving up one thing important in my life, I created a list of things.  Here’s what I came up with: No sex of any kind. That should have been enough; I’m 24. But it’s whatever, so I went further: No alcohol (I really enjoy […]

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Confessions of a Hungover Twenty Something: I’m Still Drunk

Allow me to paint a lovely picture for you. It’s currently 9 am and I’m sitting crisscross applesauce on my bed, chugging a blue Gatorade and I’m 99% sure I am still drunk. My head is pounding, I might puke, all I keep thinking about is the 1:30 am shot of Fireball I took that […]

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Where Have All My TV Friends Gone?

I’ve had a standing date with CBS at 8pm (7pm, CT) for the last nine years and now that relationship is over I don’t know what to do during that time frame. Do I watch 2 Broke Girls….? How I Met Your Mother was my Friends. When Friends came on the air I was still […]

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Why Is Mrs. Doubtfire Getting a Sequel?

Sorry I’m not sorry, but WHY is Mrs. Doubtfire getting a sequel? It’s 2014. The movie came out in 1993. NINETEEN NINETY THREE. That was… umm… 21 years ago. LIKE, OVER 20 YEARS AGO. That would be like someone saying OH HEY. Clueless is getting a sequel that will air in 2020. We will totally […]

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20 Types Of People At Every Group Dinner

 1. The Appetizer Guy Forgets what money is. Buys ten different appetizers for the table. 2. The Girl Who’s Always Late Reservation is at 6:30. Shows up at 7:15. Table can’t be seated until everyone has arrived. 3. The Vegetarian Who “Didn’t Think He’d Be Upset You’re Eating Meat”  Usually totally fine with meat, but suddenly can’t deal with […]

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Saving Face: Cleaning Out Your Makeup Collection

There is nothing worse than getting an eye infection from using that caked up old eye shadow sitting at the bottom of your make-up bag. Once you get past the fact that you got an eye infection you will realize that the whole thing could have been prevented by simply throwing it away. Spring cleaning […]

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Checking in on the Dry-Speller

Checking in on the Dry-Speller

The last time you heard from me I was giving up all forms of sex for Lent. I was also giving up junk food, drinking, swearing, House of Cards, dehydration and Hayden Panettiere, but those are minor in comparison for a single 24-year-old male. That was 5 weeks, trips to San Diego, San Francisco and […]

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It’s (Not) Going Down, I’m Yelling TINDER

For someone who is employed by the Internet, I am incredibly technologically inept.  I mean, a few months ago, I learned prefixing a web address with “www” is no longer necessary.  When I heard about “Tinder”  I was leery of giving it a try, largely because I knew there was a 100% chance I would […]

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30 Questions for the Male Species

Please note: these are ACTUAL questions that I have for the male species, if you know the answer or can shed some light on any of this subject matter please comment below or tweet us! Do you notice if a girl’s nails are painted? Tits or Ass? Really, be honest. When we sleep next to […]

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FTS Reflects: Looking Back on the 2013 Boston Marathon as a Runner

Growing up in New England, Marathon Monday was a huge freakin’ deal.  It was a day that teachers kicked back and tossed on the tv to watch the epic-ness that is completing a marathon.  I was immediately smitten as a kid that one day I too will be crossing that finish line. I ran my […]

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FTS Reflects: Looking Back on the 2013 Boston Marathon

One year ago, you were probably glued to the TV. Horrible images filled the screen. People being wheeled away on stretchers and in wheelchairs. Crowds that had been cheering started sobbing and screaming. Countless sirens and flashing police and ambulance lights. As hard as it was to watch and hear these horrible things, it’s even harder […]

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