A Guide To What Is Going On With Taylor Swift – And Why I Support Her

It seems that every few weeks, the world unanimously decides to hate on Taylor Swift. As a Taylor Swift fan, I’ve seen this happen several times over the past few years, so I ignore it. But how ridiculous is it that she gets shamed for dating and writing songs when literally every artist does the SAME things? Those artists are definitely not being mocked and taunted for this. But people don’t think twice before making a meme of Taylor holding hands with someone, who they claim will likely end up on her next album. Still, that’s not even why everyone is hating Taylor right now.

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Lately, it’s been because other celebrities have been trying extra hard to paint her in a bad light. For example, her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris. He’s been quite upset (read: bitter) about the fact that she’s moved on with Tom Hiddleston. The Scottish DJ deleted all pictures of her from his Instagram and went as far as unfollowing her from all social media apps altogether. She returned the favor soon after, and it felt super dramatic and high school-ish. Calvin’s also gone on several Twitter rants about her, most recently about her part in his hit single, “This Is What You Came For.”

Another example is Katy Perry. It’s no secret that Taylor has expressed her personal opinions of Katy through her song “Bad Blood.” Katy has yet to publicly acknowledge this. However, she shades Taylor on Twitter whenever the press or anyone has anything negative to say about her. For example, Katy was quick to judge when Nicki Minaj and Taylor argued on Twitter over VMA nominations. Taylor was at fault at that time, as she completely misinterpreted Nicki’s points. She’s owned up to it and apologized, making up with Nicki on stage at the VMAs. This didn’t stop Katy from tweeting about it, though. Nor did it stop Camilla Belle from coming out of the woodwork after years of silence and adding her two cents about a song Taylor wrote about Camilla in 2008. Taylor has also since apologized for the song.

But the most annoying celebrity feud Taylor’s had is definitely the one with Kanye West. It began in 2009 at the VMAs and has ended and reignited several times over the past few years. Most recently, Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to post snippets of the conversation between Taylor and Kanye back in January regarding his song “Famous.” The conversation was recorded without Taylor’s consent and had been sitting in the back burner all this time. And Taylor was not happy, trying to finally put an end to this.

That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

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What I’m baffled about the most regarding this whole thing is how quick the Internet was to condemn Taylor. People who claim to be all about “woke culture” are actually vultures. They’re just waiting for the moment they can go in. I mean, there was a freaking party on Twitter: #KimExposedTaylorParty. People were even spamming Taylor’s Instagram posts with the snake emoji. The snake emoji is representative of a “scamming backstabber,” an image people are now attributing to Taylor. I’m not saying that Taylor isn’t at fault. It was clear that she was a part of that phone call and had some idea of the song, but that doesn’t mean we should burn her at stake.

Where is this kind of reaction when a male celebrity messes up in public? I don’t see people calling Justin Bieber out for his douchebag and racist behavior. While I love him to death, he’s extremely rude to his fans, has caused a lot of trouble and has been jumping from girl to girl since his breakup, which he’s spoken about publicly. Yet no one ever says anything to him. Where is the outrage when rappers like Kanye and Chris Brown preach the fact that they think Bill Cosby, a serial rapist, is innocent? If a male celebrity messes up, it’s fine. We’ll just brush it under the rug.

But if Taylor Swift writes a couple of songs about her relationships, is honest about her feelings and wants to be respected as a person and artist by Kanye West, let’s all attack her at the same time until the bitch rots in hell. Let’s all forget about the good things she’s done, such as treating her fans with love and respect and donating to organizations. Instead, let’s accuse her of only doing these things to get attention. Let’s just rip her career to shreds, guys. C’mon.

It’s not even just Taylor, though. As soon as any woman within this industry slips up, it’s instantly unforgivable. And I’m trying to understand why. We’re all human — men or women — and we’re all entitled to making mistakes. But why is it only okay to forgive one gender and not the other? This is the kind of misogyny that I hate. People preach about these issues of social injustice online, but as soon as something goes wrong, they don’t waste a second to attack. If you’re going to preach about how you love women and support them, then show it. Understand that just because a woman made a mistake, or is being shed in a bad light, doesn’t mean we vilify them simply because everyone else is.

Taylor Swift isn’t perfect. She’s done some dumb shit in the past. But given her history of owning up to things and apologizing where it’s due, she has proved herself. I believe her word over a man who thinks that Bill Fucking Cosby is innocent. Kanye claiming to have made “that bitch” famous when he interrupted her acceptance speech during an award show is super funny. It just proves just how jaded, pathetic and annoying he is. Sorry not sorry.

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