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I Am Woman: Jennifer Lawrence

The time has come for “I Am Woman” to finally be unleashed. Pardon the dramatic phrasing, but that’s just how excited I am about this project. As promised, I’m going to kick it off by declaring my love and adoration for female celebrities who have gone above and beyond the cliche call of Hollywood duty. […]

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Why Children of the 90s Should Reconsider Microsoft

‘You might not remember us… but we met in the 90s.’ That we did, Microsoft. That we did. But the past couple of years we totally neglected you. Microsoft and Windows became a thing of the past and suddenly we wanted anything and everything related to Apple. iMacs, MacBooks, iPods, iPads, iPhones. It was all […]

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Flashback Friday: 7 Birthday Parties I Had Or Went To As A Kid

Childhood birthdays are awkward. There’s no way around it. As kids, we had to either invite the whole class or keep quiet and invite a few ‘friends’ via snail mail. We had to be under the watch of our parents or our friends’ parents. We had to get people random inexpensive gifts that they probably […]

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10 Things I Learned From Growing Up In The 90s

1. There is a life outside of the Internet… Or at least I think there is. I remember the days when signing online and using the computer was a special privilege… like eating candy. Now if I’m not on the computer, I’m not getting paid. In fact, I’m probably sleeping. 2. Mountain Dew is similar […]

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10 Things Kids These Days Are Missing

1. Boy Bands. Ask a 9 year old who Nsync is. Chances are they will have no idea. 98 Degrees? BSB? LFO? Hanson? Nope. If you ask a kid their favorite boy band, they will probably say “The Jonas Brothers” or something. But The Jonas Brothers are no Nsync or BSB. They might be famous […]

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