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Life Lessons According to Carrie Bradshaw

Single and Fabulous, Question Mark It comes in waves–I blame it on this in-between age we are at, when you can’t help but question everything and anything you stand for when something big happens: a break up, job termination, a blow up fight with friends.  It’s hard not to when our ideals of what life […]

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40 Years Later: Girls Season 38 Trailer

Where do you see yourself 40 years from now? I see myself as a hip old granny who can hip-hop, bebop, dance til ya drop and yo yo, make a wicked cup of cocoa… Oh wait, thats Mrs. Doubtfire… But hopefully I’ll still be ‘with it’ and able to chat about pop culture with the grandkids… […]

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Girls Recap: Casual Wednesday

Last night’s episode of Girls was the definition of cray… if cray even has a definition. There was coke. There was H. There were glow sticks. And there were nipples. And… it was Wednesday. Jessa and Shosh were MIA, but that’s fine because they weren’t needed to get this mid-week bender going. Here’s how it […]

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Girls Recap: Hannah Goes Black And Hopefully Not Back (To Adam… or Bi-sexual Elijah)

It had been too long since we last saw Lena Dunham’s naked body engage in horribly awkward sex, so last night’s season premiere of Girls came at the perfect time… AKA the same time the show was winning big at the Golden Globes. Last night’s ep was full of laughs, interracial couples, cringe-worthy sex, and […]

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The Return of HBO’s Girls: It’s Almost Here!

In just three days, our favorite four girls will reunite in a season premiere more looked forward to than any show I’ve ever watched before (okay, that’s a lie… we all know nothing will ever compare to The OC). At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of Girls. Their lives were so widely unrealistic yet […]

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