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10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. The smell of sharpies. I actually wrote this list with a sharpie originally (yes I wrote it down on paper). Hence the first thing on this list being the smell of sharpies. Also, instead of sharpies, I originally wrote shit. The smell of shit. Awesome. 2. Bitches Ain’t Shit by Ben Folds. Its always […]

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10 Things I Learned In Atlantic City

This past weekend I took my first trip to Atlantic City from Boston. After a 6 hour car ride of holding in pee while waiting in traffic, my boyfriend and I finally arrived. We stayed at Harrah’s in the waterfront tower and obv felt like ballers with our awesome view. The baller-like feeling continued as […]

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20-Somethings Love: Cinco de Mayo

Every year on the 5th of May, 20-somethings everywhere break out their inner Mexicans and rage like there is no tomorrow. They wear oversized sombreros while drinking large, icy cold margaritas (thirsty anyone?). They eat tortilla chips with guac and salsa. They purchase big bottles of patron (okay, fine – more like large bottles of […]

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20-Somethings Love: Margaritas

Nothing says ‘I don’t give a fuck’ more than a big, fat margarita – frozen or on the rocks. When you picture a margarita, you not only picture the drink, but you picture freedom. Margaritas are usually associated with vacations on tropical islands, happy hours after work, and – well – happiness in general. Margaritas […]

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