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Throwback Thursday: Nick at Nite (We Really Are That Old!)

Oh Nick at Nite… or should I say nick@nite — the modern, stylized version of Nickelodeon’s classic ‘old school’ time slot. Nick at Nite first came on the scene in 1985, but it didn’t get big until we started watching in 1995. Or at least that’s what I will keep telling myself. I used to […]

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How To Avoid Feeling Old

DO NOT… Look at pictures of the current members of your collegeĀ  sports team, club, sorority, frat, etc on Facebook… or anywhere for that matter. You will know less and less people each year and eventually you won’t know anyone on the team/in the club at all… and they will look extremely young… and you […]

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10 Things I Learned From Growing Up In The 90s

1. There is a life outside of the Internet… Or at least I think there is. I remember the days when signing online and using the computer was a special privilege… like eating candy. Now if I’m not on the computer, I’m not getting paid. In fact, I’m probably sleeping. 2. Mountain Dew is similar […]

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