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8 Gameshows You’ll Never Have the Chance to be On

Being on a game show is obviously at the top of my bucket list. Anyone else? Seriously. I’m jealous of anyone that has ever been on one or even in the audience. For all those Nickelodeon game-show-loving kids now in their twenties and for those who watched the Game Show Network when they were home […]

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Throwback Thursday: Nick at Nite (We Really Are That Old!)

Oh Nick at Nite… or should I say nick@nite — the modern, stylized version of Nickelodeon’s classic ‘old school’ time slot. Nick at Nite first came on the scene in 1985, but it didn’t get big until we started watching in 1995. Or at least that’s what I will keep telling myself. I used to […]

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Flashback Friday: The 10 Best Amanda Bynes Sketches

Sure Amanda Bynes is fucking nuts, as we explained yesterday. But she used to be kinda cool. Think back to her glory days. Girl was tiny, funny, and adorable. No one did it better. And that is why I am sharing with you with some of Amanda’s best moments on television. I mean, why focus […]

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10 Things I Learned From Growing Up In The 90s

1. There is a life outside of the Internet… Or at least I think there is. I remember the days when signing online and using the computer was a special privilege… like eating candy. Now if I’m not on the computer, I’m not getting paid. In fact, I’m probably sleeping. 2. Mountain Dew is similar […]

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10 Things Kids These Days Are Missing

1. Boy Bands. Ask a 9 year old who Nsync is. Chances are they will have no idea. 98 Degrees? BSB? LFO? Hanson? Nope. If you ask a kid their favorite boy band, they will probably say “The Jonas Brothers” or something. But The Jonas Brothers are no Nsync or BSB. They might be famous […]

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