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What His Texts Really Mean

Hey: The meaning of this all too familiar text first depends on whether or not you are dating. If you’re dating, you have a boyfriend who is bored and not very good with words. And if you’re not dating, you have yourself a problem. The main problem being that he didn’t ask you a question… […]

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Tales from the PQLC: Enduring the Engagement Barrage

Author: Jennifer Barackman It sneaks up on you slowly. Then you start to see the signs and wham it’s upon you…your first friend’s engagement. Suddenly, the simple act of signing onto Facebook can seem like an attack, you never know what new engagements lurk around the corner. And trust me it’s normal to have that […]

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When Flirting Gets Awkward

Author: Kristina Cappuccilli There are few things that annoy me more than an awkward flirter. I’m not sure why, at 23 years of age, I encounter grown men who STILL have no idea how to speak to women. And for all the saps out there, I will not feel bad about it. I will not […]

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