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Throwback Thursday: 37 CDs You Probably Had

Today, I asked my mom to text me pictures of what’s left of the CD collection in my room… I mean my brother’s room… I mean, it’s still my room… I just don’t live there anymore… Anyway, she sent over some high quality gems that brought back far too many memories to keep to myself […]

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Throwback Thursday: Remember When…

…Lindsay Lohan had class? …you had to use the payphone to call home during school? These girls have absolutely no idea. …people drank orange soda? …you listened to this on repeat? What did you like better? Side 1 or side 2? …it was opposite day? He actually liked you. …Charmander evolved into Charizard… or Charmeleon? […]

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7 Musical Comebacks I Would Love To See

No Doubt is probably the only band that can come back from a 10 year hiatus and make a great song. Not only is their new song, Settle Down, awesome, but it sounds like their old stuff. I mean Gwen Stefani sounds the same as she did before she started rapping about bananas. And the […]

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Flashback Friday: 7 Birthday Parties I Had Or Went To As A Kid

Childhood birthdays are awkward. There’s no way around it. As kids, we had to either invite the whole class or keep quiet and invite a few ‘friends’ via snail mail. We had to be under the watch of our parents or our friends’ parents. We had to get people random inexpensive gifts that they probably […]

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Flashback Friday: 15 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

All together, the Spice Girls have 11 children. Justin Timberlake left Nsync and went solo 10 years ago. Nick Lachey is 38. Nelly was in his prime 10 years ago. People who were born in the 90s have already graduated from college. The last episode of Boy Meets World aired 12 years ago. Start -> […]

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