7 Things You Don’t Need To Pack When Traveling With Family

Throughout my childhood I was lucky enough to experience countless different countries and cultures through my parents’ love of travel, and that passion to see the world rubbed off on me. But now, I’ve transitioned from traveling with my family to traveling almost exclusively with friends—and I love it! Whether it’s spring break in Miami…

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13 Things Every 20-Something Hated As A Kid, But Loves As An Adult

Life changes so much as you go from being a carefree kid to a pissed of teenager to a drunken college student to a 20-something adult (lol, at least that’s what you’re defined as by your age in your 20s). You physically change, and you emotionally change. And along the way, your interests change too. Like,…

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Stop Waiting To Go After The Things You Want—Life Is Flying By

Every day, it feels like time is going by faster and faster. And that’s because it is. As you live more of your life, each moment becomes a shorter portion of your life. I felt it happening after college ended. Those four years flew by faster than the four years I spent in college. Then the four years after college flew…

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