So I love TV and Pop Culture, and I’m not sorry about it. Here are just a few of my interesting and sometimes irrational thoughts that go along with my slight obsession with the entertainment industry.

1. I feel genuine joy for my favorite celebrities when good things happen to them. It’s almost like the true happiness I feel for people I actually know and love. For example, when Kelly Clarkson had a secret wedding and then announced that she is pregnant! Ah, it just made my day.

2. If I really hate a character that an actor played, I will then just hate that actor. It doesn’t matter if they are actually a good person in real life, there is just no turning back. And yes, I’m looking at you Scarlett Johansson for being a home wrecker in He’s Just Not That Into You…well and because you broke up with Ryan Reynolds, who does that?!

3. It’s really not a good idea to interrupt me while I am watching one of my shows, especially a really intense episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I believe that every piece of dialogue is important so any story about your new boyfriend or jerk boss, no matter how juicy, can wait.

4. I could binge watch movies and shows on Netflix all day, everyday if things like jobs, responsibility, and bills didn’t exist. Also, if Netflix was shut down or something horrendous like that, I would fall into a depression that would make it probably seem like I had been dumped by the love of my life.

5. A huge life decision that I am constantly struggling with is which new TV show am I going to start watching? Luckily, I have a sister with great taste and constant new recommendations for me. I mean, she did introduce me to Veronica Mars, so I definitely trust her opinions.

6. I believe that pop culture, random facts about celebrities, and who they are dating/not dating anymore are totally normal topics to discuss with friends, co-workers, family members, and pretty much anyone else. I will also secretly judge the people I’m with when they fail to recognize the movie or TV show reference I’ve just thrown out. Ugh, they can go shave their back now.

7. I am really dumbfounded that Tom Cruise is still able to get jobs. Do people even go see his movies anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some old school Tom like Top Gun and Cocktails. But ever since he jumped on Oprah’s couch, I just can’t handle him anymore.

8. I was recently forced to watch the Disney Channel when babysitting a 7 year old and I was completely appalled. These poor children are being poisoned by ridiculous, obnoxious, and unrealistic TV shows. I mean, Dog With A Blog…are freaking kidding me?! I pray that when Girl Meets World starts airing, it embodies the greatness of Boy Meets World and introduces these kids to what good TV is.

9. I believe that I am meant to become best friends with Jennifer Lawrence. It doesn’t matter that every other 20-something female feels the same way. It’s gonna be me, and we will have so much fun being snarky, yet loveable, bitches together.

10. Behind Facebook, IMDB is honestly my most used App on my phone. When I see an actor and can’t remember what I recognize them from, I can’t handle it. Thank god for IMDB, or else I might go crazy when my usually reliable memory for all things random and useless fails me.


Rachel Woolslayer graduated in June 2012 from UC San Diego with a degree in Communications and a minor in Business. After spending a year working as the Marketing Assistant for a trivia company in San Diego, she decided it would be a great idea to quit her job and move to Austin, Texas with her best friend from college. While she will always be a California girl, she has enjoyed embracing the Texas lifestyle, y'all...well, minus the ridiculous heat, and the bugs. Aside from that, she has a wanderlust that won’t quit and is constantly planning her next adventure. In her free time, she enjoys pretending to be friends with her favorite celebrities, getting too emotionally involved in her TV shows, and knowing way too much pop culture. Feel free to see if she has remembered to tweet recently at @Rauncheezy.

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