Your twenties are a life-defining decade.  Within those ten years your life can change drastically.  Most of us start our twenties in college and by the time we’re almost thirty we are all on different paths.  Some of us are married and have kids, some of us are in new cities – whatever the case may be the holidays are a time to reflect — and on this Thanksgiving give thanks to how far we have come.

EARLY 20s: You return home having just completed midterms and have nothing to do the entire week but sleep.

LATE 20s: You get Thursday off and have to go back to work on Friday.

EARLY 20s: Your mom gladly caters to you – does your laundry, makes all your meals, and is extremely nice.

LATE 20s: Your mom tells you to stop being lazy and selfish –  hands you an apron and puts you to work all day.

EARLY 20s:  You sleep in till 1pm.  Dinner is ready at 1:30. And then you take a nap.  

LATE 20s: You have already run a Turkey Trot/worked out, caught up on work emails, and made your assigned dish for dinner.

EARLY 20s: You’re concerned you won’t be able to see all your hometown friends in such a short time.

LATE 20s: You have your high school reunion and avoid it at all costs .

EARLY 20s: You easily can finish a bottle of wine off before Thanksgiving dinner is even served.  You’re on vacation!

LATE 20s: You limit yourself to two glasses of wine at dinner otherwise you’ll have a crazy hangover the next day.

EARLY 20s: Biggest stress – finals are slowly approaching.

LATE 20s: Biggest stress – making rent, paying off student loans, getting a job you actually like, and finding a husband.

EARLY 20s: Without any hesitation you help yourself to second and third helpings of dinner. Home cooked food is heaven.

LATE 20s: You do your best avoid waking up with a food baby.  You also can no longer digest gluten/dairy/gravy.

EARLY 20s: Your reaction when your family asks about your love life.

LATE 20s: Your reaction when your family asks about your love life.

EARLY 20s: You don’t mind sitting at the kids table – you get to share all your cool college kid stories.

LATE 20s: You cringe sitting at the kids table – youths today are the worst.

EARLY 20s: You make a game plan for Black Friday shopping at midnight – the sales are too good to pass up!

LATE 20s: You hate people, you hate shopping, and make a plan for Cyber Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the early, mid, and late twenty-somethings!  You all are amazing!


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