Every Thursday, #TBTs come out of the woodwork from every direction. They’re on Facebook. Twitter. Your favorite blog (hi). Even the radio is playing throwback jams. It’s a really awesome party and everyone’s invited. Throwback Thursday has been going for a while though and whether you love it or hate it, you can probably agree that everyone’s TBTs are basically the same. Here are 10 different #TBTs you will see on social media every Thursday:

1. The Baby Picture. Where did you get that picture? Do you just happen to have pictures of yourself as a baby lying around? Or do you keep pictures of your baby days stored on your phone? OR did you ask your parents to send you the pic so you could have something to Instagram today? Too bad Instagram wasn’t around when I was a baby. Babies look way better in lo-fi.

2. The Drunken Disaster Picture From College. OoOoOoOo, you used to be so much fun. What happened?! Well, your newfound boring ways don’t matter on Throwback Thursdays because it’s an excuse to put up a picture of your younger, more fun, more drunk, and probably thinner self. I remember having lots of friends… and now everyone else will remember you had lots of friends (and fun) too!

3. The Bar Mitzvah Picture. These pictures usually feature two young awkward pre-teens decked head to toe in fancy attire and braces slow dancing inches apart. It’s like you can almost hear Savage Garden playing while looking at these pictures.

4. The Picture Of Your Parents. It’s cute that you want to show off how good looking and in love your parents or grandparents were when they were around your age. Too bad you don’t have a cute picture to show off of yourself being soooo in love too.

5. The Awkward High School Picture. Ahhhhhhh. Way too much Abercrombie. WAY TOO MUCH.

6. The Embarrassing Siblings Picture. My favorite. Sometimes when I’m home, I look through as many childhood pictures as I can searching for embarrassing pictures of my brothers. I then take a picture of them with my cell phone and save them for TBTs. There’s the one of my brother dressed as a construction worker for Halloween, but instead he looks like Hitler. There’s the one of that same brother with fluff all over his face at age 2. Then there’s one of my other brother smiling with no teeth in a dinosaur onesie. The options are endless.

7. The Class Picture. The worst/best is when you receive a notification saying you’ve been tagged in a photo which just so happens to be your class picture from the 3rd grade. Maybe you look cute in it, but chances are you don’t. WHERE DID THIS PERSON EVEN FIND THAT PICTURE?

8. The Vacation Picture. You were tan. You were in the sun. You weren’t working. You were happy. Why not make everyone jealous? Or at least remind them that you’re fabulous… and you go on fabulous trips.

9. The I-Used-To-Play-Sports Picture. Maybe you don’t have much time for the gym anymore, but hey — you used to play a SPORT. Even if it is a picture of your baseball card circa the 2nd grade, it still counts. Right?

10. The Picture From Last Weekend. Sorry… but… that’s not a TBT. That just happened.


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