1. Moving out because you have enough money saved to move out, but no money saved beyond that.



2. Ordering an Uber when you can easily take public transportation.

You are so much better than the subway.



3. Buying a new shirt, dress, or tie because #RetailTherapy.



4. Forgetting to pay credit card payments on time.

Sometimes you forget that you bought a $20 salad with your Banana Republic card because you couldn’t find your Amex. LIFE IS SO HARD.



5. Spending all your money on physical items instead of experiences.

Don’t buy that new tablet. Stay away from that new handbag. GO ON A VACATION INSTEAD. Memories last longer than trends AND Apple’s operating systems. And also, what is life without champagne on the beach? Serious question.



6. The Whole Foods Buffet.

Or any buffet-style, make-your-own-salad section of any grocery store. Literally, the entire section. You start out with nothing and by the end you are putting a mortgage down on a house. The struggle is real.



7. Not returning something because of the effort that would have to go into going back to the store.



8. Buying something just because it is on sale.

50% OFF?!?! I WILL TOTALLY BUY THIS $80 DRESS THAT WAS ORIGINALLY $350! 25% off a meal at this unknown restaurant?! I will definitely get this deal voucher and then probably never go! What a steal!



9. Paying for a gym membership and going maybe twice a week.

Or not going at all.



10. Paying $5+ on coffee every day.

Because sometimes you pay rent for Starbucks in addition to paying for your apartment. It’s okay. Just kidding, it’s not okay. WTF IS WRONG WITH US?



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