Lately, I’ve been spending far too much time looking inside my closet and dresser drawers while trying to hold back throw up. I. Need. New. Clothes. No, I actually don’t… but my closet totally needs a Summer makeover.

For the past few weeks, I’ve freakishly been buying shirts, dresses, pants, and shoes of every color of the rainbow. Blacks, navys, browns, and greys have moved to the back of my closet to collect dust (except for a few black items… those are always necessary) and yellows, pinks, oranges, and greens have been placed front and center for everyone to see (everyone being mostly me… but that’s okay). Color makes me happy. As does new clothes.

In addition to the color-happy trend this Summer, I am also in love with maxi dresses. I still do not own one because my short self hasn’t been able to find a good one yet – but I am on a mission to find one that works with my body and is stylish at the same time. Maxi dresses are a must have item for every girl this Summer. Here a 10 of my favorite maxi-finds so far!

Under $50:

Target – Xhilaration® Juniors Ruffle Neck Halter Maxi Dress$24.99

Forever 21 – Ditsy Feather Print Maxi Dress $27.80

Forever 21 – High-Low Dress w/ Braided Sash$34.80

H&M – Maxi Dress $34.95

Under $100:

Max & Mia Shoulder Bow Maxi Dress – $78.00

FELICITY & COCO Stripe Jersey Maxi Dress – $78.00

Anthropologie – Ostara Mesh Chemise$88.00


 Under $150:

Maggy London Iridescent Jersey Maxi Dress$148.00

Under $200


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  1. Connie Toole Reply

    I use to buy Maggie London dresses all of the time. I’m 60 now, still like to dress stylish, but like the below the knee fitted dresses with some sleeve. Love the new black dress on your site with the open shoulder and quarter length sleeve, but it’s too short. Would love it below the knee. Please consider older ladies who can afford, but can’t find anything, all for younger girls.Tks.

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