Father’s day is around the corner! Fathers are such an important aspect of our lives. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without them and with that said, no father is the same. Here are some of our favorite TV dads.

8. Keith Mars


The relationship Veronica Mars had with her dad was always admirable. He was the perfect balance of being protective, and allowing Veronica to be the badass she is.

7. Rufus Humphrey


Rufus always did what he could to give his kids the best. He was always kind to them, yet wasn’t afraid to discipline Dan and Jenny. It’s too bad Jenny was such a little shit.

6. Michael Kyle


Every dad has a side that resembles Mr. Kyle. He was not afraid to punish his kids – and he did it in a fashion that was hilarious, well to us anyway.

5. Sandy Cohen


He brought Ryan in and was a good father figure to him and Seth (ohhhh Seth). Enough said.

4. Alan Matthews


He worked hard all day at the grocery store, then came home to teach his children, and their friends, family values.

3. Paul Hennessy

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8 Simple Rules was such a great show because of Paul’s relationship with his kids. His character was so great, they had to make up for it with two when he passed away. R.I.P.!

2. Phillip Banks


Because let’s face it, we all wish for an Uncle Phil.

1. Danny Tanner


No question Danny Tanner is our favorite TV dad. He was the best family man, and he kept the house clean! Can’t beat that!


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