Between summer blockbusters, wannabe Presidents, and a hard-working rat just trying to grab dinner, 2015 has been a boon for Halloween costume ideas. Here are ten of this year’s pop culture icons you’re likely to find chugging pumpkin-flavored beer at the bar on Halloweekend.

1. Pizza Rat


Pizza Rat captured the hearts of millions when he propelled a New York slice down some filthy subway stairs. In our daily lives, it can feel impossible to reach our goals. But on Halloween, we can all pretend for a little while and feel the sweet victory of grabbing the big slice. Pizza Rat, you’re an inspiration.

2. Imperator Furiosa


This HBIC is sure to make an appearance at every Halloween party this year. She may have some War Boys or even a chained up Mad Max in tow, but the real star is the woman herself. It takes some serious ingenuity to construct her post-apocalyptic prosthetic arm, so appreciate the effort that goes into this costume. WITNESS!

3. Donald Trump

Donald Trump costme

Trump is on everyone’s minds lately, whether they’re touting that he can “make America great again,” lamenting the existence of a universe where he could be President, or debating whether or not his hair is real. All this costume needs is some pointing and shouting to complete the look.

4. Minions


Minions have taken over. They are in our movie theaters, spouting nonsense via Facebook memes, and they’re even on the package of Twinkies. The yellow jellybean creatures will be taking over Halloween in jabbering droves.

5. The Dress

the dress

This year’s blue-and-black vs. white-and-gold debate shook the internet. It divided forums and shattered families. The world we knew before the dress is long gone. Anyone who wants to spark controversy this Halloween has the option of buying the half-and-half costume, or the real dress itself.

6. Kim Davis

Kim Davis Gollem

The Bible-thumping, anti-gay marriage icon has popped up in the news nearly as often as Trump this year. A costumed Kim Davis impersonator just needs a long wig, an outdated dress, a pair of glasses, and the refusal to sign anything all day on Halloween.

7. Owen Grady, from Jurassic World

Owen Grady

This summer, Chris Pratt inspired movie-goers to return to the era of the dinosaurs. Some of them will inevitably don a black vest, blue button-down, and some dark jeans to spend Halloween as a velociraptor wrangler. Hopefully they’ll settle for a few toy dinosaurs as companions instead of reproducing their DNA in a lab, because we all know how that ends.

8. Inside Out emotions 


While I personally think Sadness has the comfiest (and therefore best) outfit from Inside Out, I imagine there will be plenty of other emotions on the streets this Halloween. From perky Joy to sassy Disgust to a bowtie-wearing Fear, there are a plethora of options for costume lovers. This could even work as a group costume, with five friends filling the roles of each emotion. #SquadGoals

9. The Martian



In lieu of all the awesome space discoveries this year, this movie came out at just the right time to give astro-nerds an excuse to don a spacesuit and share the latest data about Mars (and how impossible it would really be to survive when stranded there, water or no water).

10. Left Shark


Oh, Left Shark. Just as we all see our ideal selves in Pizza Rat, we see a more realistic version of ourselves in Left Shark. Unprepared, confused, and uncomfortable, Left Shark jerked and squirmed his way through the Superbowl halftime show like most of us do every day at work and in life. Squirm on, Left Shark.


Jen Glifort is a writer and copy editor living in Connecticut. She enjoys watching too many movies, talking to herself, and pretending to know what she’s doing. Find her on Twitter @jenglif.

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