2007 was a great year in music. Carrie Underwood told a guy he should think twice Before He Cheats, Rihanna wanted us to stand under her Umbrella ella, ella, Avril Lavigne didn’t like your Girlfriend, but Sean Kingston thought there were still some Beautiful Girls out there and Nickelback wanted to be Rockstars.

While we were jamming to these in our friends’ cars (because we were still waiting for our own or had hand-me-downs), we couldn’t forget about the one-hit wonders we just had to download from iTunes. These hits fueled 2007 with the crunk scene, an American Idol has-been, a singer who can count, and a song that ruined Grey’s Anatomy for quite some time.

Get ready to flash back to your high school homecoming and college days with these gems, who are turning 10 this year:


1. Party Like A Rockstar – Shop Boyz 

Memorable Lyric: The title 


2. This Is Why I’m Hot – Mims

Memorable Lyric: “I’m hot ’cause I’m fly/You ain’t ’cause you not”


3. Crank That (Soulja Boy) – Soulja Boy

Memorable Lyric: Not a lyric, but doing the “superman” dance with your friends because that was the only part of the song you knew.


4. Pop, Lock and Drop It – Huey

Memorable Lyric: Also the title. From the movie “Stomp The Yard” 


5. Ay Bay Bay – Hurricane Chris

Memorable Lyric: See #1. Sensing a pattern here? 


6. Whine Up – Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man

Memorable Lyric: “Sense is telling me you’re looking/I can feel it on my skin (Whoaa)/Boy I wonder what would happen/If I trip and let you in”


7. Wait for You – Elliot Yamin

Memorable Lyric:So, baby, I will wait for you/’Cause I don’t know what else I can do/Don’t tell me I ran out of time/If it takes the rest of my life”


8. 1234 – Feist 

Memorable Lyric: “One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten/Money can’t buy you back the love that you had then”


9. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol 

Memorable Lyric: “If I lie here/If I just lay here/Would you lie with me/And just forget the world”


10. Here (In Your Arms) – Hellogoodbye

Memorable Lyric: “I fell in love/In love with you suddenly/Now there’s no place else I could be/But here in your arms”


Hannah Gettleman is a bubbly twenty-something living in Chicago. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Journalism. Don't tell her that print is dying--she's already made the switch to public relations. As a Midwest girl, winter happens approximately 80% of the year, so she knows a thing or two about a good pair of snow boots. She lives for summer weather (even though she can never tan), Boy Meets World reruns, and an unhealthy addiction to dark chocolate and online shopping. She's a die-hard Chicago sports fan, even though she's well aware the Cubs always end up in last place every year.

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