Happy April Fool’s Day!! Here’s some of our favorite pranks submitted to us:

“I prank whenever there is an opportunity. I used to have this life-size cardboard cutout of Darth Vader that’s super scary and I would put it right outside my sister’s bedroom door, or in the shower, or in the closet so whenever she would open the door she would scream. “

-Carilyn, Arizona


“I called my mom crying, saying that I cut my sister’s hand off and that we were in the emergency room. My mom started crying. She rushed to our local Kaiser hospital in tears, demanding they bring her to her kids in the room they were in. Little did she know, it was April Fools’.”

-Josh, California

“This one time for April Fools’ Day I unscrewed all the light bulbs in the bathroom (so they still sat in the socket but wouldn’t turn on). My roommate, Jenna, went in the bathroom and couldn’t turn on the lights. She shouted, ‘The lights won’t turn on!’ I shouted back, ‘Maybe the fuse blew or the power went out!’ She said, ‘No the lights still work in the hall!’ and she went to the bathroom in the dark. A few hours later she had to poop. She tried to turn on the lights again and they still didn’t turn on. Apparently she really had to go and resorted to using candle-light. It wasn’t until later that day that she figured out that the lightbulbs were unscrewed.”

-Julia, Arizona


“One time I was mad that my brother punch me in the arm so I used my makeup to make a fake bruise on my arm. I then showed my parents and my brother got in trouble.”

-Linaya, Arizona

“My dad had gone to Mexico for Christmas. In Mexico, their [version of] April Fools’ Day is in December and it’s called ‘Dia de los Inocentes or Day of the Innocent.’ Before he left he had left me his truck to watch over because he took the bus over there and told me I could use it if I wanted. So on the day of the innocent I posted on Facebook I had gotten pulled over and his truck had got impounded. 10 minutes later his calling me using his roaming minutes screaming and yelling and asking me how that even happened! When I explained that it was April fools in Mexico, He was mad! The awesome part is Mexico goes all out in April Fools’ Day, the radio station, newspaper, businesses and television networks all play a prank. Everyone knows not to believe what they read and hear on that day!”

-Ana, Arizona


“My coworker used to leave his keys sitting all over the office every day. One day he left them sitting on the bookkeeper’s desk and she gave them to me, so I moved his truck behind all the bushes and trees so he couldn’t find it. He knew we did something to it and kept cussing us out and he couldn’t find it for hours, it was great!”

-Brian, Canada

“In high school, I bolted a wood plank over a drain in our outdoor amphitheater, the covered it with quick dry cement, then filled [the amphitheater] with water. It was a cement amphitheater in the center of campus, we put floating devices in it too.”

-Alex, California

“I had a friend that went to Hawaii. I asked her to pick up some Hawaiian candy for me called ‘wipeamypoo’. So she was going into stores asking for ‘wipeamypoo’”.

-Rob, Texas


“I moved away from home to work for Disney and made a bunch of new friends. Well I decided that it would make sense that I moved and met someone and decided to be spontaneous. One of my friends and I put on Facebook that we got engaged. I even posted a photo found on google of someone’s hand with a ring on it in front of the Magic Kingdom Castle. The reactions were great! Some people knew, but others freaked out. A friend picked a fight with her boyfriend (who she is marrying soon) because she was jealous that I had gotten engaged before her, and the best reaction was from my poor step mom. She called my dad nearly crying because of the way she found out about me getting engaged.”

-Kylie, Arizona

“When I had just started my job working as a third party customer support representative for Verizon wireless and going through training I stumbled across a tool that allows you to send a text message and make it look like it was from any number. So this was a few years back just after the Super Bowl and Chevrolet was running this Game time promotion thing to win a new Chevy ZL1 Camaro. Well I knew my buddy (as well as I) had entered it so I sent him a message saying “Congratulations Brandon, you have won the new 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 sponsored by the Chevrolet Game time app! To confirm you prize, reply “YES” to set up arrangements to pick up your new car with your local Chevrolet dealer of choice!” So then on my lunch break, I called Brandon and said, “Hey dude, Chevy just posted that the winner of the Camaro is in Tucson!” (he is about screaming at this point) “I won! It is me I won it! I responded to their message but haven’t heard back from them yet, I already called my dad telling him I won it!” At this point, I cannot take it anymore and just start busting out laughing and he begins to realize it was all a prank that I had flawlessly pulled off on him thinking he won a car!”

-Jordan, Utah


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Kylie is a 23 year old wedding coordinator who lives in Arizona. In her free time, she likes to work out, volunteer at an animal shelter, read, and watch Netflix. She can't go a day without quoting Mean Girls. You can follow her @kylijoh_

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