1. Should I have fro-yo for dinner tonight? I ask myself this every day from May through October. IT’S A MEAL, I SWEAR.

2. Should I take the subway or a cab? One takes your money and one takes your sanity – I can never decide.

3. Should I go to the gym? The answer: Yes. Your answer: I DON’T WANNAAAAA.

4. What should I have for dinner? Probably nothing because by the time you decide, it will be too late to eat.

5. Should I stay in or go out tonight? Couch vs socializing. Sweatpants vs tight clothing. Not giving a fuck vs giving a fuck. This shouldn’t be a hard decision, but it totally is when you’re in your 20s.

6. Do I even have anything to do tonight? If you have to ask, probs not.

7. How am I going to do everything I need to do? STOP ASKING. START DOING.

8. This [event here] is boring… should I leave now or give it, like, 20 minutes? I usually give it 20 and end up staying for 2 more hours still debating when I should leave for the entirety of the 2 hours.

9. What should I watch? If you have to ask, chances are there is probably nothing on… Have a blast surfing Netflix though. I spend more time surfing Netflix than I do actually watching anything. It’s fine.

10. Can I quit my job? Seriously. Because all I want to do is sleep. Really.


Hi I’m Sam. I made this website in 2011 and it’s still here! I'm the author of the humorous self-help book AVERAGE IS THE NEW AWESOME. I like pizza, French fries, barre, spin, more pizza, more French fries, and buying clothes. Follow me on twitter & Instagram at @samanthamatt1... and on this site's meme account on IG at @averagepeopleproblems. OKAY GREAT THANKS BYE.

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