My fiancé, and I had been dating for close to three years before becoming engaged. He has always wanted a small wedding whereas I have always dreamed of having a big wedding. Recently, we decided that we would have a semi-larger wedding with mostly our close families. But, as we recently started planning our wedding we had no idea how much work, planning, and decision making goes into a wedding. Here are the 10 tough questions you’ll ask yourself when you begin planning your wedding.

1. Do I want a big or small wedding?

You’ll have to figure out quickly if you and your significant other plan on having a big or small wedding. There’s no way you can try to plan your wedding without an estimated number of guests.

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2. Who’s on the guest list?

Making a guest list is extremely tough, because you’ll want to invite everyone you and your fiancé know to the wedding. However, when it comes to budgeting your wedding you also need to be realistic, and you both need to understand that, you cannot invite everyone.

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3. When is a good wedding date?

You and your significant other must figure out what date is best for the both of you and your families. After determining your wedding date, you can contact local venues to check if they have the date you selected available.

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4. What venue should I select for my wedding and wedding reception?

Choosing the wedding venue is a tough decision you’ll have to make. If you’re like me, and my fiancé, you’ll visit venue after venue until you’ve seen all of your options.

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5. What type of food do I want at my wedding?

Will you have chicken, steak, pork, barbecue or something else? Choosing the food can be a critical decision, as your family, and friends will likely remember it.

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6. What style wedding cake do I want?

Classic? Romantic? Modern? Beachy? When choosing the wedding cake, you’ll have several options such as the style, design, and flavor of the cake. (In my opinion, choosing the cake is one of the sweetest decisions you’ll make because you get to sample all of the flavors!)

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7. What type of alcohol should I have at my wedding?

When you think about the guests who will be attending your wedding, you must consider what type of alcohol they like. That way, it’ll be easier to figure out what type of beer, wine, and mixed drinks you’ll want to make sure you have at your wedding’s open bar.

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8. Should I have a DJ or a band?

Great entertainment is a HUGE part of any wedding. If you find the perfect DJ/band to perform at your wedding, your guests will have a grand time, and will remember what a PARTY your wedding was.

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9. Am I supposed to hire a photographer AND videographer?

You’ll have to figure out if you want to hire both a photographer and videographer for your upcoming wedding and reception. If you can fit a photographer and videographer in your budget, it’s worth it to get both because you’ll have the photos and videos forever.

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10. Who’s going to handle all of the wedding decorations?

Will you hire someone to handle all of your wedding decorations? Or will a family member or friend help you with the decorations? Depending on the venue you select, you may have to do all of the decorating yourself. Or maybe you’ll lucky enough to find a venue that’ll charge you extra if they decorate for you.

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My fiance, and I at a friend’s recent wedding! <3

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