Author: Samantha Matt

1. They attend ‘dinner things’ on a regular basis.

2. They take post-grad internships with the hope of getting a job offer after… but don’t.

3. They have awkward sex. Like doggy style awkward.

4. They have boyfriends who they secretly don’t know if they want to be with anymore.

5. They are no longer monetarily supported by their parents (as in they are in the process of being kicked off the family plan)… yet they do not make enough money to live off of.

6. They are uncomfortable with their bodies.

7. They see college students as stereotypically annoying.

8. They drink and/or do drugs on a regular basis.

9. They are in debt, begging their parents for some extra cash, and/or are starving because they literally have no money to buy food.

10. They have no idea what they want/are going to do with the rest of their lives…

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