Okay, I have to admit before we go any further that I hold a personal bias: I am in love with my cat. Yes, you read that right. I literally think having a cat is the best thing ever, and I feel the need to convert all of you to go out and adopt one…like today. Concerning? That’s a possibility. I’ve had my friends tell me that I love my cat more than I do people, but hey, that’s the struggle of being a cat lady. So, put on your pet lovin’ mindset, and celebrate #CatDay with me. (This is an ode to all adoptable baby kittens/adult cats out there that need some love this winter). This is why every single 20-something should have a cat in their lives.

1. Got some issues? NBD. Cats are personal therapists, and are on call 24/7.


2. Feeling lazy? It’s okay, they’ll never turn down a good nap with you.


3. It’s like living with a comedian 24/7. The show’s never over, and the acts just keep getting better.


4. Boyfriend, shmoy-friend. With a cat you have a constant source of affection.


5. There is no need for an exterminator. 


6. They’ll be your personal security guard while you sleep.


7.  #FoodFriendsForLife


8. You can always count on them to keep you warm.


9. Got chores? They’re all about helping out.


10.  Oh, and there’s just the overall cuteness factor to cheer you up on bad days.



Alivia has a love of traveling, snacking religiously on sweets, and hanging with her cat (aka #1 BFF) in her spare time.

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