How many times have you gone to a bar with your friends and stood in a corner all night only talking to each other? The limit does not exist, I’m sure. Well, now there’s an app that wants you to change your squad’s anti-social ways.

“Who’s That” is an app where your group of friends can flip through pictures of other groups of friends and pick which ones you’d want to get drinks with. When you match with other groups, the app hooks you up with a night out at one of your favorite bars – first round on them. So whether you’re looking to meet dudes, make new friends, or be the best wingman/wing-woman ever for you friend(s), “Who’s That” is a must for every 20-something out there.

Here are 11 reasons you need to get “Who’s That” immede:

1. You can see everyone who’s going out this weekend and pick who you want to get drinks with. No more awkwardly going up to groups of dudes at the bar hoping they don’t have girlfriends and will give you the time of day. Everyone using this app is in the same boat as you.


2. If you’re new to a city, you don’t have to join random sports teams to meet new people. No need to join a kickball team to meet boys when physical activity is something you MAYBE only do when you feel like going to the gym. You can do what you love AKA drink at the bar and actually meet normal people.

3. There are no friendless creeps on “Who’s That.” There could be friendless creeps on a kickball team. There could be (slash are) friendless creeps on Tinder. On “Who’s That,” everyone has friends. Like, real friends – not just Facebook friends – which is a good thing because TBH, you should never trust someone who doesn’t have friends IRL.

4. You can find out all the basic info you’d want to know about groups of friends without having to ask. Instead of wondering, “does this guy ACTUALLY have a job,” like you do on Tinder, “Who’s That” gives you the scoop on where they work and more. All the information is right there for you, and if you don’t like what you see, you don’t have to choose them!

5. It’s not awkward. Dating apps can be awkward because okay, you match with a dude… NOW WHAT DO YOU SAY? On “Who’s That,” you can skip the BS entirely and just pick a time and place to get drinks, leaving the small talk for your in-person meetup. It’s much easier to make plans when multiple people are involved and friendship (with the possibility of *romance*) is at stake.

6. There’s no endless swiping or meaningless conversation. How many of you have spent hours on Tinder or Hinge swiping left to pretty much everyone? And how many of you have conversed with people on those apps to have it lead to NOTHING? On “Who’s That,” you’re either going out with each other or you’re not going out with each other. And if you’re not going out with each other, you’re not going to choose each other. It’s all business, which is fantastic for your busy 20-something lifestyle.


7. There’s a page on the app that shows you which groups are the most popular. You don’t have to guess who is cool and who isn’t cool. They treat their app like a website and want you to know who is trending. This is like online high school for adults, but with alcohol and fun, so the same as high school for most.

8. Free drinks. We already told you this, but we’ll tell you again. Every time you meet up with a group through the app, the first round is on them. FIREBALL SHOTS FOR ALL!

9. “Who’s That” works with the best of the best when it comes to bars. You don’t have to go to random places to get your free drinks. For instance, in Boston they work with your favorite bars – Brahmin, Scholar’s, Lucky’s, Good Life, and more. You were probably already planning on going to one of those places anyway. Now you can go with a round of free drinks and a designated group of cute dudes to talk to. YAS QUEEN.


10. They plan your night for you. Planning is the worst – especially when it comes to hanging out in groups… and especially when it comes to hanging out with other groups. “Who’s That” puts in the reservation at the bar for you and has your free drinks ready for you when you get there. A great night out with literally zero effort is a definite when it comes to “Who’s That.“

This app is pretty much the only thing that has been missing in every 20-something’s life. What are you waiting for? Get it now!


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