Awwww, Laguna Beach and The Hills. MTV’s two reality shows that helped us get through those hard high school times (aka love triangles) and showed us how to make it through our early twenties (aka finding out who your true friends are and working towards your career).  I started watching The Hills when I was a freshman in college and I was hooked all the way through the end when I 23! Like many fans, we all choose the one character that we can relate to the most. Mine was definitely the main narrator Lauren Conrad (LC) and chances are, yours was too.


Here are 10 reasons why I love Lauren Conrad: 

1. She’s the best friend that you want to have.


2. She’s always on point with her fashion.  


Okay, minus a few of her early days… We all make mistakes.

LC Laguna Beach

3. Her countless words of wisdom that we all still refer back to.


4. Lauren really is just like us.

Remember her interning days at Teen Vogue? Lauren started at the bottom too.


5. Lauren always has the trendiest hairstyles. 

Hair 3

6. Lauren is a great business woman (books, bedding collection, collection at Kohl’s, Paper Crown Collection to name a few).


7. She always has the best/most memorable reactions.


Seriously, who can forget that mascara tear?

8. Lauren continues to get prettier and prettier as she gets older.


9. She hasn’t let fame take over. She stayed true to herself.

FullSizeRender (6)

10. She gives all girls hope that if you deal with a few “frogs” you’ll eventually find your Prince Charming. Okay, not like these guys are really frogs, but you know what I mean.



Mr. & Mrs. William Tell!!! #RelationshipGoals



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