When someone doesn’t answer your text, there’s probably a good chance that they ‘just don’t feel like answering’ or you’re just being really annoying… However, that may not be the case! There are many reasons why someone may not be answering your texts. Here are 10:

1. I was sleeping. You can’t expect someone to be awake 24/7, right? Some people go to bed really early, some really late. And some, like me, wake up on the hour every hour in the middle of the night, so sometimes I’ll read your text while half asleep and forget I did in the morning.

2. I was working out. Not only are you interrupting my music, but it’s also hard to respond when you’re in the zone. Sure I might read what you say, but I’m not going to respond. And then I will most likely forget you ever texted in the first place.

3. I was in the shower. Ya knowwwww, they haven’t created waterproof phones yet, so sorry I can’t text you back from the shower. Can you imagine how long your showers will be when they do make phones waterproof? Because you know one day they will. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A HOT MINUTE.

4. I was driving. Texting and driving is illegal… and also very dangerous if it’s not illegal where you are. Sorry to be a g-ma, but I’m not going to text you back when I’m driving. Sry.

5. I was in a state of depression. When millennials say they need to be alone, they need to be devoid of all people meaning any form of technology that leads them to people. When I want to be alone, I won’t want to talk to you via text, via gchat, via anything really.

6. I was walking. ‘Don’t be that girl,’ I constantly tell myself when walking in places such as the street, the grocery store, the mall, etc. Sometimes I do text well walking, but I always have a fear that I will either walk right into someone or even worse — a wall… or a car… or a water fountain/pond thing, like that moron in the viral mall video.

7. I have to consult others before I respond. Many times someone will ask you what you’re doing — or they’ll ask you to do something on a certain date. To that, you can’t just give a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ You have to consult others. Whether that be your significant other (the worst part of being in a relationship… right?!), your other friends to see if anything better is going on, or other people to see if anyone else is going to attend this event too. People are assholes, but hey — we all do it!

8. I had no service. Well, either I’m not getting your texts… or I’m trying aimlessly to respond and it’s just not going through. UGHHHH, that’s the worst. I’ll try again later… if I remember.

9. I got busy at work. I’M BUSY. Sorry you’re not. LMA, lma.

10. I don’t have anything to say to you. Maybe you didn’t ask a question. Maybe you said something that left me with no comment. Maybe you made a joke and I just cannot think of anything clever to one up you with (I’ll respond one day to that though, even if it’s the next week). Quite frankly, if you want a response ask for one.

Agree to disagree, but facts are facts… texting may be convenient and all that… and when you’re available for a textathon, you may feel like everyone else should be too. But that’s not how it works! #FirstWorldProblems.


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