​I received a LOT of judgement when I told people I was living with three guys my junior year of college.

“Well, do you hook up with any of them?”

“Do you like any of them?”

“Do they walk around in their boxers in front of you?”

The answers to the following are no, no, and yes. Living with guys was easily one of the best experiences I’ve had and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My life was like a real life version of New Girl. Here are ten reasons why living with my three best guy friends was the BEST decision I ever made.

1. They NEVER judge you for how much pizza you eat. Which is awesome, especially after a night of throwing back shots of Jack Daniel’s.


2. To follow up on that: you NEVER have to worry about them judging you for how much you drink. Drink a whole bottle of Captain Morgan during a Monday Night Football game? No problem.


3. You always have someone to watch the game with. As a girl who loves sports, it’s difficult because my girlfriends don’t always want to watch the game. Lucky for me, I lived with three guys who loved ALL sports. We were an apartment divided (especially when it came to football), but we made a lot of bets and had a lot of laughs.


 4. They tell you if the guy you’re talking to is a jerk. ​My roommates were never afraid to tell me when a guy wasn’t treating me right. (Often times they weren’t scared to tell him either.) I am eternally grateful for that. Y’all saved me a lot of heartbreak. 


5. You always have a shoulder to cry on. I lived with the boys my junior year of college. It was my first year back on campus after a semester abroad. I went through a post-abroad depression, a break-up, deaths, and plenty of other things while living with them. They were there for me then, and they are here for me now.

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6. You acquire a whole new wardrobe​I know some of you are probably tilting your heads. However I lived with three ex-soccer stars. Do you know how many comfy sweatpants/jackets/sweatshirts I got to wear when my clothes were dirty or I wanted to be comfy? It was amazing. (PS-Sorry I still have some of your clothes.)

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7. Don’t feel like wearing makeup or doing your hair? No problem​I always felt 100% comfortable around the boys. Probably because they were my best friends, however, it was nice that I didn’t feel pressured to be “done up” all of the time. 


8. You do more than just party. We would do our homework…on the same table we played beer pong on the night before. We played Rock Band….after we got home from the library at 2 AM.

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9. They make you feel like any accomplishment (big or small) is the best thing EVER. A 50 cent raise at work? The A you received on that paper you wrote in 45 minutes? All things to celebrate with the boys. It usually involved ice cream. Or beer. 


10. They become your brothers. Alright, I am about to get a little corny, but it’s so true. They were there for me through thick and thin. Even when I moved out, transferred and “abandoned’ them as Kyle likes to say, they still loved me. I hope to always be your “muffina,” guys. 

the boys


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