Is it just me, or did the Gods of television JUST catch onto the fact that Sunday nights are the worst; and therefore, scheduled amazing TV shows to air on the eve of long work weeks? As a twentysomething with a steady 9-5 (ish) work schedule, I absolutely dread the Sunday night feeling we all experience after a revitalizing weekend comes to an end and Monday morning is peaking its ugly head around the corner. But with the current Sunday night TV line-up being as stupendous (yes, I used the word “stupendous,” because that’s how strongly I feel), I actually look forward to Sunday nights. Go figure.

The show most responsible for this sudden change of heart is none other than the ABC hit, Once Upon A Time. If you’re not already on the OUAT bandwagon, I strongly suggest you pay attention to the following:

1. Fairy-tales are for grown-ups, too

When I was a young Cappawhat, fairy-tales ruled my life. My dad loves telling the story of me sitting in front of our cable-less television (we had just moved to the suburbs) as a toddler, and watching The Little Mermaid for a week straight. I would wake up singing Part of Your World, watch the movie the whole way through, and rewind (remember that thing) all the way back to the beginning just to listen all over again. The magical songs, the constant struggle between good and evil, the fabulous characters (Sebastian and Flounder were the coolest sidekicks before Timon and Pumba came along)–I loved it all. And just because I’m an adult now means I have to give up the first love of my life? Psh, get real. OUAT rekindled my romance with princesses and villains, and I like it that way.

2. Hot . Men. Everywhere

I mean, I think that says it all…

3. Lana Parrilla is the ultimate villain

Meet the Evil Queen/Stepmother of your nightmares…or fantasies? Somehow, Lana Parrilla (who plays the character of Regina) has viewers torn between a venomous hatred for her corrupt behavior, and an unexpected sense of empathy for her anything-but-nurtured upbringing. Regina is undoubtedly one of the most twisted villains on the show, but eventually we learn what caused her to turn toward the path of evil: a sadistic and power-hungry mother, being the main reason. Even still, she pulls some heartbreaking stunts that tear apart families, friends, and lovers in both worlds (fairy-tale land and Storybrook). And yet, we still can’t seem to get enough of her outrageous gowns, impossible-to-attain hair-do’s, and come-a-little-closer grin. Consider me stumped.

4. Mary Margaret Snow and David Charming are the cutest

They’re the fairy-tale couple that all real-life couples aspire to be. Through all the dragon-slaying, poisonous-apple-eating, memory-losing, revenge-seeking drama, they still manage to love and believe in each other 100%. After all the years that have passed and all the worlds they’ve traveled to, she’s still the PB to his J; the armor to his sword; the snow to his charming (normally I would never dare be that corny, but it’s Snow White and her Prince–how can you NOT be?).

5. Fairy-tale clothes > what us mere mortals are stuck wearing

Wouldn’t it be nice to toss those generic denim jeans and blazers and wear a fricken GOWN as you gallivant through your day? I don’t know about you guys, but I would have a ball with the costumes worn on OUAT. From floor-length capes and laced-up bustiers to riding boots and fancy corsets, these girls (and some of the guys) are KILLING IT, fairy-tale style.

6. Emma is a badass

Emma is the fairy-tale character that they should have mentioned in the story books. She is the perfect kind of bad ass because she’s so good at pretending she isn’t one. Her demeanor is cold and distant, giving off the impression that she really doesn’t care what you have to say. WRONG. She’s constantly on the prowl for the next big scandal to unravel; or in this case, the next magical curse to be broken. Spunky, witty, and extremely loveable, she’s exactly what we imagine the offspring of a defiant ex-princess and monster-slaying prince to be.

7. Every episode is worth watching

This show isn’t like Pretty Little Liars or Lost, where you think your questions are being answered and the plot is progressing toward some form of resolution, but you’re really just being thrown in a million directions that have you wondering what the conflict was to begin with (I love PLL, but I think we can all agree that this A nonsense is getting a little played-out). Each episode gives viewers a distinct reason to watch, and it provides us with information that will be brought up in the next several episodes. The writers of the show are a talented group of individuals who toy with our emotions just the right amount. They know when to pull the out the violins and play on our heart strings; and just when we think we’ve got it figured out, off goes characters like Graham (who, in my opinion, is far too gorgeous to go running off so soon).

8. We all love to hate Rumpelstiltskin

Who knew the gold-spinner could be so creepy? If you think Regina the Evil Queen is crazy, I wouldn’t recommend messing with Rumpel. Once scorned and bullied as a widowed father in fairy-tale land, he makes a series of decisions that transform him into the most powerful villain in all the kingdom: The Dark One. But just like that misunderstood stepmother I was talking about before, Rumpel isn’t all bad. He’s notorious for making deals with desperate souls who have nowhere else to turn. Sure, he gives them what he wants, but there’s always a price, deary.

9. The graphics are sick

From fire-breathing dragons trapped in creepy castles to magical poofs of purple fog, viewers of the show can all agree that everything looks unbelievably…believable. Coming from a person who knows close to nothing about graphics, I can only imagine what goes into making these scenes look as real as they do. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Fairy Godmothers and Jiminy Crickets really do pop up when you least expect and need them most.

10. Love will always prevail

My favorite phrase, and perhaps the most repeated throughout the series, is one that Mary Margaret and Prince Charming echo back and forth to each other whenever life gets tough cursed: I will always find you. Maybe it’s a tad bit corny to use in everyday circumstances, but think about their struggles! They’re not enduring the pressures of a horrible boss, they’re combating an evil queen and her band of brainwashed soldiers. They aren’t fighting parking tickets, they are literally fighting ogres. And even with all of these tainted obstacles standing in their way, they always seem to scare away the evil and find their way back to love. Isn’t how all the fairy-tales are supposed to go?

Remember, Once Upon A Time airs every Sunday night at 8PM EST on ABC–you mustn’t miss it!


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