I can’t believe I am actually writing something that covers anticipation for the end of Summer, but I am. As much as I don’t want this season to end, I have to accept that it is and there’s nothing I can do about it. For now, I will look on the bright side of things and get excited for the very few good things about Fall. I will then hold on to each one of these things for dear life until the dreaded season of Winter comes… but until then, let’s focus on the below:

The Fashion: Although I do love Summer’s bright, colorful dresses and jewelry, Fall is just as fun to shop for – if not more. Sure your flip flops and sandals will go away with the high temps, but it’s okay because flats are just as cute… Not to mention you can start wearing boots soon. And what is better than a hot pair of boots? You can stock up on blazers and dress up outfits by layering – something you couldn’t do during Summer because it was too hot (except in your office). You can wear black and other dark colors again without feeling goth. And you can show off your cute layered outfit without wearing a jacket because it’s not cold out yet. It’s just right.

Comfortable Apartments: As much as I love sweating to death at night (weight loss method, duh), it will be nice to feel comfortable in my own skin. Fall is the only time where it’s not too hot and not too cold, so there’s no need to worry about the AC or the heat. You can just live your life cool, calm, and relaxed.

No More Bugs: You can have bananas and other fruit in your house/apartment without partaking in the attack of the fruit flies. You can also be outside at night without waking up in the morning looking like you have the chicken pox (I’m talking about you, mosquitos). You are free from bees, ants, horse flies at the beach, and all other types of small, gross creatures… for now.

Football: Even if you don’t actually enjoy the sport of football, there is something about football season that makes a 20-something love Fall Sundays (and Monday nights… and the occasional Thursday/Saturday). Football basically symbolizes Fall, meaning that every Sunday there will be always be food, drinks, and beer – and who doesn’t love those three things wrapped into one? Football also means fierce competition, jersey wearing, and hot men. Need I say more?

Surprisingly Warm Days: Once Labor Day hits, people stop taking vacations and doing things that involve the outdoors on the weekends (especially Sundays… unless you’re AT a football game). However, the temps don’t magically drop once September 1st hits. You still have a chance for a few good beach days here and there. And when you DO get those awesomely warm days, you appreciate them much more than you did during Summer (and it doesn’t cost anything to park at the beach anymore!).

Pretty Surroundings: If you live in a place that experiences all 4 seasons, you will be surrounded by colorful scenery aka Fall foliage that will make you smile until it all falls to the ground (that is a sign of WINTER). But until then, enjoy the beauty and make some Fall food (aka anything involving apples and pumpkins).

Halloween: As Fall approaches, so does Halloween meaning you can start brainstorming ideas for your Halloween costume(s)! And costumeS there will be since H-ween is on a Wednesday this year (blackout Weds anyone?) meaning everyone will be confused and celebrate the weekend before AND the weekend after. This happened my Sophomore year of college and it was fabulous. I had 5 costumes and I’m prepared to do it again… Even though I am a post-grad and don’t go out as much and therefore probably won’t have 5 costumes… but I can pretend.

Good TV is Back: Sure, we I had Pretty Little Liars all Summer long… and now The Newsroom… but there was a lot missing on television during the Summer months. Modern Family, New Girl, REVENGE… They’re all returning and more come September. And I can’t wait.

Goodbye Bikinis: Good news my friends! You can stop working out as much and start eating again because you’re putting your body into hibernation until next Summer! Now you have a whole year until you can make that bod look 10 (or 20) times better (I say this every year… and it never happens… oh well). I mean, there is a reason Thanksgiving is right before Winter. You’re going to need your over sized coat to hide all the weight you gained that day and the day after eating leftovers.

Getting Things Done: With work all week, you have 2 days to get things done (Sat & Sun). And during Summer, you want to spend those 2 days doing something outside. Anything you needed to do outside of work, you put off for a rainy weekend day – which usually resulted in you sulking and watching TV because you were ‘losing your tan’ – AKA you put it all off until Fall. So be prepared to feel accomplished because come September you’re going to get shit done. Or at least you think you are…


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