They are tearin’ up your hearts no more. If you haven’t already heard, our favorite band Nsync is getting back together and THIS IS OBVIOUSLY THE BEST NEWS EVER. Ross Mathews broke the news last night to a friend and that friend told another friend who told another friend at some restaurant in LA and some girl overheard and tweeted it out, thus leading us to find out and start FREAKING THE F*CK OUT.

*NSYNC Portrait Session

We literally cannot contain our excitement. Here are 10 reasons we’re excited for this epic reunion:

1. We were really sick of Justin being the only one in the spotlight. Come on guys — We all know that Chris Kirkpatrick should have been the one with the epic solo career.

2. They have SO much more to sing about now. Especially after Lance Bass became the world’s thinnest astronaut and tried to go to the freaking moon. HOW COOL. Maybe they’ll rework their 2000 hit “Space Cowboy.”

3. Finally a boy band will feature a member that isn’t straight. Because usually guys in boy bands are suchhhhhh heterosexual bros, we can’t even.

4. Because Joey Fatone deserves so much more than being the announcer on Family Feud and hosting a show on Food Network. He also guest hosts The Price Is Right Live! in Vegas. Nailed it.

5. Hopefully the excessive dancing the boys – I mean men – will partake in will lead to Joey losing weight. I know, I know. He hosts a show on Food Network. But he’s always been the fat one (no pun intended) and that needs to end.

6. Because we have no idea what happened to Chris Kirkpatrick and we can’t wait to find out. Seriously we haven’t heard about him since he voiced a character on The Fairly Oddparents.

7. Kanye West is producing their new album. HUHHHHHHH.

8. We heard the group is going to work with Calvin Harris to make EPIC HOUSE BEATS. We heard they might even perform at Electric Zoo this year. Don’t quote us though. We just heard this.

9. We also heard JC is having the band work on a remix to “A.D.I.D.A.S” with Zedd. You know… All Day I Dream About Sex. Lol. Still funny.

10. They might even make a feature film about the band’s return to fame! This is exciting because it will give Justin something to do because he isn’t busy at all.

Are you freaking out yet? YASSSSSSSS, yas you are. And to make this announcement on April Fool’s Day?! How ironic! Bye, bye, bye NO MORE. Nsync is back. In your dreams 😉


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