Hilary Duff has been my idol since I was in the 4th grade. She has managed to live a life we all can respect and wish we had. She’s had a successful music and acting career as a child, and is staying relevant today as an adult with an upcoming album and her new show, Younger, that airs Tuesdays on TV Land. HDuff is definitely a girl who dominated her 20’s.


Here are 10 reasons I love Hilary Duff:

1. She played our childhood hero.


No matter what she does in life, Hilary will always be Lizzie McGuire to us. Lizzie was a character everyone could relate to. She wasn’t popular, just an average girl who went through the same things we went through: telling your mom you want a bra, dealing with an annoying sibling all of the time, fighting with your parents over the phone lines so you could three way call, and dealing with the popular girl trying to steal your crush! Lizzie stayed true to herself and helped us get through life!


2. She has the most adorable son and is crazy about him.

I believe we all follow Hil on Instagram (and if you’re not, you’re totes missing out), and we all see the adorable pictures of Luca. He’s a spitting image of his mom! Hilary was just on Ellen and she could not stop talking about her mini me. It’s so obvious that she loves him so much and it’s so adorable. Good mom award goes to Duff!

3. Her music has impacted our lives in one way or another.


Whether you love her music or not, you know it word for word. Half of her Metamorphosis CD was used as theme songs for MTV shows such as Laguna Beach and My Super Sweet 16. Hilary dominated the mid 2000’s with her music. And you cannot deny that So Yesterday was the jaaaaaaam.

4. Her movies during our adolescence were everything!


Whenever a new Hilary Duff movie came out on DVD, my mom HAD to take me to Blockbuster (RIP) to rent it. A Cinderella Story was obvi the best, but she had some other inspiring films too (Raise Your Voice, The Perfect Man). Her movies were always uplifting and had a great message to them. But she didn’t always play the squeaky clean, good girl. Have you seen her independent film, Greta? Look it up. You’re welcome.

5. She didn’t go ape s#!* and fall off the path.


Hilary Duff was the one of the only child stars from our time that didn’t go completely cray and destroy her life. She cut the people she needed to from her life and she stayed focused on the things that were good in her life. And for that, she’s an inspiration to us all!

6. Even though her marriage didn’t work out (SO heartbreaking) she makes the perfect bride.


Seriously, can anyone even come close to looking this fabulous on their wedding day? It devastated me for days when I found out she and Mike Comrie filed for divorce last month, but hey, maybe this means we will get to see Hilary as a stunning bride again. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself to feel better about it.

7. Her exes still want her back.


And she just brushes it off like it’s nothing. You. Go. Girl.


8. She’s a total MILF.


Being 27, and a mother, Hilary looks like this. Let that sink in, then go to the gym.

9. She proves that you don’t have to be squeaky clean to maintain a good reputation.


In her latest interview with Cosmopolitan, Hilary lets out a lot of secrets from when she was younger. Like sleeping with her then-26 year old boyfriend, Joel Madden and having someone who was just a fling. Does this ruin her image? Nah. SHE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE LIZZIE MCGUIRE, MY MF HERO.

10. She’s the right amount of a B.A.


Hilary isn’t perfect, and she owns it. She does what she wants, on her terms. She wanted tattoos, so she got them – but she doesn’t always want them showing, so she got them in places where she can hide them. She wanted her hair to be aqua, SO SHE DID IT. HILARY DOES WHAT SHE WANTS. BO$$.

And that is why I want Hilary to be my best friend.


Hilary, you rock. Don’t ever change.





Kylie is a 23 year old wedding coordinator who lives in Arizona. In her free time, she likes to work out, volunteer at an animal shelter, read, and watch Netflix. She can't go a day without quoting Mean Girls. You can follow her @kylijoh_

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