If any of you follow my blog, you’ll know that I am obsessed with winter and the holiday season. I know, I know, so typical blogger-style, but let’s just take a moment together to see why winter is pretty much the best season ever, okay?

1. No one will know how many cookies/pie slices you’ve actually eaten.

Let’s be honest, when the summer rolls around there is always one thing on everyone’s mind…getting fit. And not because we necessarily feel like we need to be macho-gal, but more so because summertime = dress & bikini season. We bust out the salads & eat like little bunny rabbits in this vain attempt to get back into our regular sizes…and ugh, just thinking about all that drama gives me the heebie-jeebies.

But now, insert the winter. Scarves, sweaters, coats…yes, yes, yes please! No one needs to know what we’ve eaten all winter long and those beautiful accessories keep us covered enough that we can continue to enjoy all the yummy things without having to think about them more than once. More pie? Or cocoa? Or cookies? Yes, please!


2. Walks in the cold breeze > Walks in the blazing heat.

You guys, I’ve lived in the extreme heat of Manila and I’m now with living in Amsterdam. I am absolutely convinced that walking around in the cold weather is so much better than walking around in the heat. I swear, 2 minutes outside in Manila would leave me sweating so much I would need to take another shower immediately. Here though, I bundle myself up, go for long walks with the pup & hubby and when I get back, all I have to do is brush my hair to look like a normal human again.


3. When it’s freezing outside, you can totally go to the gym tomorrow. Maybe.

In case you were wondering, when it’s really cold in your room and you need to get out of bed to go to the gym, it is perfectly acceptable to snuggle into your covers further & let the gym wait until the next day…or next week. Yup, you’re welcome, friends.


4. Hot cocoa is a fabulously acceptable food group.

I don’t think this even needs extra discussion, y’all. Hot cocoa + whipped cream + sprinkles = life made. The end.


5. Warm baths + hot showers = AMEN.

Seriously, when it’s cold out, and you absolutely HAVE to get out of bed, is there anything better than hopping straight into a nice hot bath or shower? The answer is no. Nothing at all.


6. Two words: Holiday lights.

Lights on buildings, lights on trees, lights in everyone’s houses…AGH, YES! Something about seeing the sparkly gorgeousness everywhere makes me so happy. It’s like a little light in my heart goes off and I could very easily stand around for hours looking at how pretty everything looks bathed in the sparkly goodness.


7. Thinking you can sing like Mariah is A-OK.

I am seriously the most tone-deaf human that ever was, but come holiday season, you’ll find me belting out Mariah Carey, Michael Buble, Bing Cosby & Straight No Chaser as if I was signed to a record label. I make no apologies for this, none.


8. Layers. (See also: #1)

Remember how I said you can eat all the extra yummy food and no one needs to know about it? Well, that also leads me to this: extra layers during winter is freakin’ awesome. Wearing a purple shirt with an olive green sweater & a pink scarf? Cool. Wearing that weird cat sweater with fur all over it? Also super cool. Ain’t nobody gonna see it y’all. So please, let that clothing creativity flow!


9. Cuddles. Cuddles. More cuddles.

If you’re anything like me, when it’s hot outside, I don’t want anyone to be within a 4 foot radius of me, let alone touching me, because all that sweat and body heat…ew, multiple ew. But when it’s cold outside, gimme all the blankets and hubby or pup and I’ll be the biggest cuddle bunny you’ll ever meet. Now, I’m waiting for the Little Bean to arrive so she can be my other cuddle bug too!


10. The sheer happiness that comes with the winter holidays can’t be beat.

In my opinion, there is seriously nothing better than the pure happiness I see in everyone when the winter time rolls around. Kids are out singing carols, people are willing to slow down and enjoy the beauty around them and the excitement of getting some real time with family & friends during the holidays just solidifies my intense love for the season. Is there anything better than getting to enjoy cozy nights and good food with your favorite people?! I think not.


Ahhhh, winter. I love you so much!


Hiya friends, I'm Myra! Just your average Texas gal living overseas, trying to conquer traveling to all parts of the world with a nail polish bottle in one hand & a little one soon to be on one hip! Grab yourself a bowl of ice cream & stick around a while, won't ya?

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