In 2010, a show came around that would change lives forever. That show was called Pretty Little Liars and it was (slash is) pretty fucking amazing. If you watch, then you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you’re probably like ‘wowwww, she is like so immature. Isn’t that show on ABC Family? Grow up.’ Well, my friend, you need to start watching to understand the true greatness that is Pretty Little Liars — the epic mystery mind fuck. Here are 10 reasons you should be watching #PLL:

1. To Escape Your Boring Life And Enter The World’s Best Fantasy Ever. Well, duh. If you haven’t heard, PLL is like the best show ever. Little teenage girls absolutely love it. College girls gather in the dorms for it every week. 20-somethings around the world are binge watching it. And boyfriends everywhere get sucked in by a mere ONE episode. It’s just that addicting. One reason being because it’s not real, but for some reason we feel like it totally is. Like, 80% of the stuff that happens in the show (for ex: girls attending high school with fresh blowouts and photo-shoot worthy outfits… oh, and two teenage girls pushing a car into a lake, nbd) would never happen in real life. BUT WE LOVE IT. It’s such a great escape from the daily grind of the boring 9-5 and our even more boring relationships and/or nonexistent relationships. I sometimes feel like Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and Aria are my friends. Okay, I admit – I feel like that all the time. But it’s not my fault they’re the coolest girls I know… okay?!?!

2. It’s A Mystery. Kind of like Lost. Okay, I never actually watched Lost, but if I had one show to compare it to that’s what it would be. The mystery intensifies each season and you never really know what’s going on. Like, who is A? You might think you know… but do you really??? Does A even exist? Or is he/she/it just a figment of your imagination? Is this show a dream? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a dream. I don’t think it’s physically possible for teenage girls to look that good in the morning during high school. School starts at like 7am. WHY DOES EVERYONE LOOK SO GOOD? It can’t be real. Also, who IS this?

3. The Fashion. Each character on the show has their own style. You’ve got Aria who is hipster chic. Spencer who is a walking J Crew ad. Emily who is plain and boring, but also a lesbian… so, like, not actually that plain and boring. And Hannah who is trendy as fuck. They OWN their outfits 27/4, 365 (except for that one season Spencer decided to not shower and live in a [SPOILER ALERT] mental home). I mean, you should see how these girls rock the catwalk at funerals. Fuck orange. They make BLACK the new black. And who wouldn’t want to watch a show where teenage girls frequently attend funerals dressed as major sluts? You can shit on their existence while also being extremely jealous. It’s awesome.

4. To Laugh At The Texts. “Kisses -A” First of all, who uses a signature in their text messages? Second of all, who goes through the trouble of making their number private ALL. THE. TIME? Despite A being an unrealistic person, I kind of dig A because he/she/it/they/whatever is/are really mean. Like Regina George mean. So it’s funny.

5. There Are LESBIANS. Lez be honest… Any show that features lesbians is far more interesting that any show that does not feature lesbians. Fact. And these PLL lesbians are not just your average every day lesbians. They are like all hot. Well, Paige is meh… but she went ano or something last season, so she’s looking slightly better now. But really — they’re all hot. I’m not a lesbian and these betches turn me on. WAY TO GO PLL. MAKING IT OKAY FOR YOUNG LADIES TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET. AND I AM ALL FOR IT.

6. It Gets Your Adrenaline Going. Like, talk about adrenaline rush. PLL has me on the edge of my couch every episode. Sometimes nothing even happens and I’m still shivering and biting my tongue. Deaths, bitch fighting scenes, mysterious people running around in black hoodies and red coats, people talking shit about each other behind backs, significant others who might be evil (like really evil, not just Mean Girls evil), the list goes on. What more could you want in a show?

If you want to be scared out of your fucking mind, but also not have to listen to people talk intellectually (sorry, Spencer… you’re not as intelligent as you think you are), then this is the show for you.

7. Everyone Loves A Good Statutory Rape Story Line. One of the best parts of PLL is obviously the plot line where young Aria dates her cute English teach, Ezra, therefore giving birth to one of the best couple names ever – Ezria (sorry Haleb and Spoby). This is not exactly plausible in real life, but TV is fantasy so I dig. This relationship is a key part in the entire series and has something for all ages — the high school girl who dreams of dating an older man (it’s possible), the high school boy who gets off to the hot girl dating the teacher (she’s such a slut!), the 20-something who doesn’t understand why his/her life wasn’t that interesting in high school (should I have gone to Drybar every morning before 1st period to get more men to notice me?!?!), and the parent who might question what really goes on during the day at the local high school (is my kid involved in shenanigans such as this? NOOO, THIS IS JUST TV. LOL).

8. To Scream At The TV. WHY ARE THESE TEENAGE GIRLS SO GOD DAMN STUPID? This issue will piss you off to the point of no return. Why is this problem still going on? How can all these police folk be working together to take down TEENAGE GIRLS?

9. It Doesn’t Get Old. Seriously. It doesn’t. We’re going on the second half of season four and I have to say — I have never ever gotten sick of this show. AND IT’S ALWAYS ON. It’s on in the Summer. Then it comes back to tease us every Halloween with a SpOoOoOoKy-scary episode. And then we sit on the edge of our seats couches for a couple months until it comes back in the Winter. Basically no episode is a filler episode — multiple things always happen — and you could re-watch each episode fa’ dayzzzz.

10. Everyone Else Is Doing It. Don’t you want to know what all this talk of ‘A’ is about? Who is A? What does A mean? Well, watch, find out, and then you too can join in the conversation about it with others. You’ll understand all those #PLL tweets and you’ll be able to decode all those Facebook posts complaining about and/or laughing at the moronic nature of these teenage idiots. PLL is a groundbreaking ‘social show.’ It will get you to talk. It will get your friends to talk. Friendships will be made purely from partaking in the watching of this show. I’m not kidding. It will happen.

So what else do you have to lose? Your Tuesday night? Your sanity? Yup, sounds about right. The Winter premiere of Season 4 of PLL is tonight, so you’ve got some catching up to do. Then, you can tune in to ABC Family (my FaVoRiTe network) every Tuesday at 9pm for this roller coaster ride of emotions AKA Pretty Little Liars. Oh, and then follow the real-life actors on Instagram because they have some pretty cool lives. Like, pretty pretty prettyyyyyyy cool. Not  only do I believe Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and Aria are my friends. I also think that Lucy, Ashley, Shay, and Troian are my friends too. PLL might make you delusional, but it’s all good. It’s a great workout for your mind. You’ll gain lots of faux friends and weird thoughts about what this show is even about. SO HAVE FUN.






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