Sure, she was Billboard’s 2014 Woman of the Year – nbd. Her latest album, 1989, sold over 1.2 million copies in the first week of release, but whatevs. She made over $60 million before her 25th birthday… pfftt!

But here’s why Taylor’s awesome…

1) She’s shown that class is a timeless fashion statement, and I want to raid her closet.
Taylor Style
2) She treats her fans like real peoplefrom visiting hospital patients to helping to pay off student loans, she’s pretty much the greatest celeb bestie you could have. Hey Taylor, I’ve got a few student loans I could use some help with, too… #justsayin

3) She’s not a sell out: she’s reinvented herself several times (or rather, she’s just grown up before our eyes) since coming on to the country music scene back in 2008, but she’s never let the industry hold her back or box her in. Sure, she’s got a lot of critics, but at the ripe young age of 25, who can blame her for figuring stuff out in her own way? Did YOU know what you wanted to do or who you wanted to be when you were 18?
 taylor 2008 Taylor[1] country-music-awards-2012-taylor-swift 467622715VA00011_The_Weinst
4) She’s shown us that she’s a real person: from wearing her sweats and ankle weights while crashing a fan’s photoshoot to wearing her heart on her sleeve by navigating the tumultuous roller coaster of love, Taylor hasn’t let fame stop her from being human.
Taylor Fan
5) Taylor’s love life is the butt of jokes. Her response? To write song after multi-million dollar song about the ghosts of boyfriends pasts. Talk about showing ’em what they’re missing. Who’s laughing now?
 Taylor Break UP
6) She’s besties with Ellen… ’nuff said.
Taylor Ellen
7) She will dance when and where she wants and doesn’t give an fuck what you think about it.
8) She’s shamelessly obsessed with her cat, Olivia Benson, and we are too.
taylor-swift-olivia-airplane-nap Taylor Olivia Taylor cat
9) Tall chicks, unite! At 5’10, Taylor is one tall drink of water, and she owns it proudly.
10) She doesn’t take herself seriously. Like, at all. Props to her for being under the media microscope and showing us all how to shake that shit right off. Haters gon’ hate y’all.
Totally crushin’ like woah over here.

Helia Z. is a native of the DC area and a Virginia Tech alum (Hokieeessss!). Like 98% of transplants 'round here, she relocated to the Boston area for grad school. Shortly thereafter, she began a romantic love affair with the city and just couldn't leave. Helia is a self-proclaimed closet introvert who has become a habitual social butterfly. Having attended over 15 schools from K - grad, there are very few people she can't carry on a conversation with. When not busy at her full time job of looking for a full time job, she's likely stuffing her face with ridiculous and embarrassing amounts of food. Fun facts: she was a member of the Virginia Tech Motorcycle Club, got her license, but never got a bike of her own; she started a pet photography business in Virginia before moving to Boston; she has a degree in puppy-saving... except Tufts likes to call it "animals and public policy"; and she's pretty sure she can't live without donuts. Though she is tweet-challenged, you can follow her on Twitter or more interesting, puppy-filled Instagram: @_HellYeah26 (yes, her name really does sound like "Hell Yeah", and no, this is not news to her)

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