– He asks you to stop texting him unless he texts you first.

– He asks you to stop calling him unless he calls you first.

– He used to call you “babe,” but he recently stopped.

– He doesn’t use your actual name while “hooking up” or having sex – just pet names or no name at all.

 – After he tells you he’s exhausted and going to bed, he calls someone else. (and you know this because when you tried to call him to remind him something after, you hear the annoying beep).

– He doesn’t want to have sex or hook up as much anymore… if at all. And if you are still physical, there’s no passionate kissing.

– When his Facebook page is up, he doesn’t let you touch the computer until he logs off (And he would never give you his password).

– He tells you he is hanging out with a friend one night, but you see on that friend’s facebook status that he is not with your boyfriend.

– He will talk about the possibility of taking a break, having an open relationship, and/or breaking up and getting back together one day to hear your thoughts and see your reaction.

– When you ask him what he did last night, he won’t give you details – or asks why you care?

Don't let this happen to you, Twenty Somethings!

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