The “cool girl” label has gotten an unrealistic and bad wrap. Let’s face it, no one can drink a six-pack every night and maintain a size 4. There are, however, qualities that make a female more relatable, down-to-earth, and yes, characteristics that brand her “cool.” She’s not interested in superficial things and genuinely just wants to have a good time.

Here’s how to tell if you’re actually a cool girl.

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1. You like being alone, but can quickly jump into “social butterfly” mode too. You like living in your skin and can pretty much adjust to any atmosphere you are put in. In other words, you are confident and can always have fun.

2. You aren’t into PDA or hearing couples use the word “babe” at the beginning and end of every sentence. There is a time and there is place for that business. We aren’t in high school anymore.

3. A Saturday spent browsing the mall with girlfriends for hours on end is your personal version of hell. Saturdays are for college football or drinking Blood Marys for breakfast or ya know, running errands …pretty much anything other than going to a crowded store and having your friends secretly judge what you purchase.

4. You don’t spend tons of time at nail salons—or any salons for that matter. Your conversations rarely revolve around beauty trends and that’s okay. You are self-assured in the way you look (better yet, how you feel) and that’s really all that matters.

5. You have never responded to the question, “Would you like a beer?” with the answer “no.” You like beer. A lot. You like drinking amongst friends even more.

6. You have favorite sports teams and take genuine pride in being a fan. Rooting for your team is a lifestyle and a loss legitimately ruins your day (or week).

7. Your life doesn’t revolve around your phone or social media. You find joy in real human experiences and can honestly live in the moment. For example, you can’t stand that friend who always photographs their food. Just consume the deliciousness and let’s get on with our lives.

8. Because by the way, you are always starving. When your plate hits the table (which might be filled with pizza and French fries) it is game on. You have attended an “all you can eat wings night” and aren’t ashamed of it.

9. You honestly don’t get caught up in gossip and have very little drama in your life. Unless you consider switching between Thursday Night Football and Scandal a dilemma.

10. You don’t roll with a “squad.” And if you did, it would be a small crew of easy-going people who can drink beer at a park and consider it the best. day. ever. Nothing glamorous to see here, but it’s a blast!



Jordan is a Colorado native with a passion for anything colorful and eclectic. By day she is a PR and social media specialist in the Mile High City. Her biggest hobbies are spending way too much time cuddling her dogs and dreaming up new ways to decorate her home. You can follow her obsession with the Denver Broncos, reality TV and Justin Timberlake on Twitter at @jordanj4.

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