During the months of Winter, people go into serious hibernation mode. Going to a bar that’s a cab ride away from my apartment when there’s snow on the ground? No thanks. Going to a club in a dress with tights that do absolutely nothing to keep me warm in below freezing weather? No thanks. Wearing Uggs in public? I’d rather be caught dead.

Even people living in warm climates embrace the indoors rather than the outdoors in Winter. While us freezing Northeastern-ites would kill for 70 degree weather, people used to 100 degree nights are grabbing sweatpants and shirts when the temp hits 70. But when the weather starts getting warmer, people start to come out of hiding. The lines start getting longer at your favorite bars… Friends you haven’t seen in ages are coming out of the woodwork wanting to go out both nights this weekend… And you’re actually up for going out both nights this weekend too. Weather can change everything. But not just how much you’re drinking and how many times you don’t stay in watching whatever is on ABC Family… It can change how many dates you’re going on and where you’re going on those dates.

Now that you’re out of hiding and in high spirits (as long as it’s NOT raining), put yourself out there and start going on dates! Stop staying in with the boy and start going OUT. Stop thinking you’re going to alone forever and start considering the idea of ‘dating.’ So whether you’re planning a first date with that hottie from match.com or your figuring out what to do for the 500th date with your man of 5 years, here are some great and different dates to go on this Summer:

Picnic: Of course weather is a huge factor in whether we will be up for leaving our beds this weekend… but money is another too. And what’s a better way to have a meal with someone without worrying about money?! Pack up some food (this is an excellent idea especially if you have a food allergy like me) and head to a park, a beach, OR (if you want to spice things up even more) a local island. In Boston, you can head to the Harbor Islands and hang out there for the day… The trip even includes a boat ride. Score!

Kayaking: Instead of boozing or shopping, why not take a break and do something where you can get some exercise. And no – I don’t mean going to the gym. I mean going out a boat that requires you to paddle! Preferably a kayak. Double kayaks are usually available for rent so you can head out on your voyage together. Just Google some places around you where you can find kayak (or boat) rentals and then set sail.

Whale Watch: If you live near water, you are pretty much all set for Summer activity ideas! Eating on the water. Partying at bars overlooking the water. And, of course, going out on boats during the day. If you live near an ocean, look into going on a whale watch. I did this in the 6th grade on a field trip, but now I would appreciate it so much more. First of all, it’s not expensive. Second of all, you get to be on a boat! And third of all, you might get to see a whale or two. Not so bad.

Wine Tour: As an Ithaca College alumni, wine tours are something I associate with school (weird, I know). But now that I do not live near such amazing winery’s, I would kill to go on a wine tour. You know – one where you get picked up in a limo, head from winery to winery with friends, try a million different wines (maybe even a wine slushie), get wasted, and pass out when you get home. It sounds perfect – and it is! There are winery’s everywhere. Just Google some in your area and plan a trip. This is a great thing to do as a couple or together with a group of couples. You can order transportation or drive an hour/hour and a half to a place that has multiple vineyards and stay in a hotel overnight.

Dinner Cruise: Other than becoming a certified beach bum, every Summer I look forward to boozing and cruising on the water. Alcohol, boats, water, and warm weather? Could you really ask for anything else? Whether you live by the ocean or near a lake, you can easily find dinner cruises (as well as booze cruises) near you. You can probably even find brunch/lunch cruises… or ones where you can go out on the water and enjoy a few margaritas. Being on a boat never disappoints (just ask T-Pain).

Outdoor Concert: Live music is always a treat… but live music while sitting outside in the sun with a significant other is even better. Each Summer, bands and artists bring tours to outdoor venues, ball parks, football stadiums, and small beach bars on the water. Head to Live Nation or Ticketmaster to find a concert near you. Maybe you’ll find your favorite band is coming to the nearest baseball stadium… or maybe you’ll see an artist you enjoy listening to but aren’t necessarily crazy about has lawn seats for 20 bucks. Either way, a show is a show and will be fun no matter what!

Zoo!: I have a weird obsession with animals such as zebras and giraffes (they are so exotic – how can you not), so it’s no surprise that a zoo is on this list. If it’s nice out grab your bf/gf and head to the nearest zoo. Whether it’s the San Diego Zoo (which is effing awesome) or the local zoo that has limited animals, you will have a blast! It’s something unique to do on the weekend. And how can you say no to checking out a bunch of pandas?

Drive-in movie theater: Drive-ins are hard to come by, but they definitely still exist. Look online to see if you have one near you or near a spot you will be vacationing in this Summer. You can either see this Summer’s most anticipated comedy or check out an old film depending what the theater plays. This totally beats sitting in an air conditioned room filled with annoying people when it’s still 70 (or even 80) degrees outside at night!

Candlelit BBQ: Going out to dinner is nice, but definitely overplayed in the world of twentysomethings. If someone wants to go on a date, they’re most likely going to go out to dinner. However, most of us have no money… and if we do, it’s going towards loans, bills, rent, and/or our savings accounts. We’ve all stayed in and made pasta dinners before, but since it’s Summer why not get a little crazy and grill some burgers outside. It’s cheap, healthy, and kind of romantic if you have a deck and can eat outside… candles or no candles.

Exercise! (Walking, Hiking, Biking, etc): Twentysomethings love the gym. I mean love it. We especially love paying 70 dollars a month for gym memberships we can’t afford. However, the gym kind of becomes annoying in the Summer. It’s so nice out, so why would you want to go run on a treadmill or beat up an elliptical in an air conditioned facility? You should be outside! If you are looking for a date idea that doesn’t interfere with your workout schedule, why not work out together… outside. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and go on a long walk together. Explore your city, the beach, or a nearby park. Perhaps even look into hiking. OR check out bike rentals. You will get to hang out with each other and not have to worry about going to the gym before or after. Not to mention the calories you will consume thereafter won’t matter!

These are just 10 Summer date ideas out of the hundreds that are out there. Do you have a fun date idea to share?


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