1. Complacency

We have reached the point in our lives where our choices are no longer dictated by what our professors or our parents tell us.  It’s weird, strange, and unsettling that as cliche as it is you can literally become anyone you want – and in essence, start over.  At times it seems daunting and super fucking scary – how do you know where and what direction to go?  The thing is, that some of us can get crippled by this fear and not take the leap that we truly want.  We are too caught up in the fear of failing, the fear of leaving home, the fear of having no money, and the fear of the unknown, that we settle for the safe/sure thing.  But at this age, it is when you can say no to settling and being complacent at a job, city, apartment.  It’s time to break the boundaries of that fear – give it the middle finger – and try something new.

2. Users & Abusers

We all at one point have been guilty or being a user or abuser – whether it being “I’m using you for sex,” “I’m using you to get information,” “I’m using you for professional gain.”  It happens but you know what it’s really shitty to be the one taking the brunt of it.  As we get older it’s cruel and unless rules/boundaries/intentions are communicated i.e. “I don’t want a relationship.”  “I’m only talking with you to network,” then let’s all just cut it out and try to return to the gold rule of treating others how we would want to be treated.

3. Dating Gray Areas

This should just not even exist but unfortunately we live in a world where you it does.  The “what are we?” the “where is this going?” “I’m not sure he’s into me” gray areas of dating.  They are the worst.  They can last for weeks or months where you wrack your brain and become THAT PERSON reading into every text and sentence they say to you.  It makes you go bananas – and then when you finally do get the answer it may not be the one you wanted to hear.  Just say no.

4. Drugs

Not messing with that.

5. Irrelevant Stress

As twenty-something’s everything stresses us the fuck out – our jobs, our bank accounts, our significant others, but more importantly the unknown.  We are continually trying to strive for greatness to make more money, get the great job, land the hottie with the body, and become a person that everyone secretly envies.  It’s exhausting and frankly, we have no idea how the rest of our hand is going to be dealt to us.  It’s the worst but we gotta say fuck it and roll with the punches that life gives us.

6. Flaky Friendships

A very hard realization to make is that not everyone you were friends with in college and high school are really your friends.  We all have those friends that we try to keep up with and call on their birthdays – but when push comes to shove – somehow by no ones fault but time and distance – do you somehow grow apart.  It sucks to let those friendships that once were fall the wayside but as we grow up the circle of friends you have get smaller and smaller and the ones that remain are there for a reason.

ALSO – if you have friends that live in your city and always flake on the plans you set with them – let that shiz go too.

7. Toxic Environments

We’re too young to caught up in type of hot mess.

8. Hearing the word “no”

Sounds redundant BUT sometimes we need to hear someone say the word NO to us to motivate us.  I know for myself, if someone tells me I can’t do something – I’m going to do everything in my power to convince them otherwise.  Don’t let any sort of hater bring you down.

9. Disrespect

We have reached the age where being mean to one another is really pointless and straight up rude.  We are “adults” and having people talk behind your back, treat you like shit, ignore you – all the above it’s just a waste of your precious time and energy especially when it comes to relationships.  You shouldn’t allow yourself to be disrespected or walked all over with someone that doesn’t respect you.

10. Expectations

No matter how hard you try to make a plan, life isn’t going to get straight up messy.  So stop having the idea of the perfect life and comparing yourself to others.  Everyone’s going through shit at some point – sometimes it’s worse than others.  But by saying no to any expectations you have in dating and in your job – you will be more open and surprised by the times when good shit does come your way.




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