– I used to have conversations with people on Facebook that I should have been having in person, through text, through email, through IM (what we used to use), or on the phone.

– The bigger you are, the more friends you have. One of the first things Facebook tells you when you click on each year is how many people wrote on your wall for your birthday. The number of people wishing me happy birthday on my wall slowly declined as I lost weight. Interesting how that works.

– People used to publicly display their hate or love for someone on friends’ Facebook walls.

– Status’ used to automatically start with “is” forcing people to write about themselves in the third person.

– Song lyrics were a popular thing to put on Facebook. While in a long distance relationship at college, I once put “You aint gunna tie me downnn” as my status. That was rude. Whether or not the rap lyrics had to do with my feelings at the time, I don’t know.

– Strangers spoke via “The Wall” pre-college… Many of these people I never spoke to when I got to college… Actually, I have no idea who many of those people even are now.

– I’ve only been to LA, Boston, and Ithaca NY (which is not true – get your facts straight FB).

– Timeline is a faster and easier way to watch and track Transformers.

– My life got significantly boring when I graduated and started working.

– I used to be a much nicer and happier (aka boring) person.

Facebook Timeline: Love it or leave it? What has it taught you so far?


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