You sold your soul the day you put on that first pair of Jimmy Choo’s; I saw it! Oh I’m sorry, do you have some prior commitments? Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?

June 30th marks the ten year anniversary of the classic movie that we all love, The Devil Wears Prada. From the never-ending witty comments, to the endless supply of fashion inspiration, the timeless movie provides an ample amount of life lessons related to career advice, fashion, and everyday life. That’s all.

1. Keep your questions for Google.


Unless you are asking clarifying questions—ones that cannot be searched for online—do not ask your boss anything. Perhaps try asking a co-working, but do not ask at inappropriate times.


2. Be Original!


If you are suggesting ideas in a group setting, think before you speak. Do not blurt out ideas unless you are certain you can back them up, or things can get quite messy.


3. Dress to impress


Before you speak to a person, your outfit is the first thing they see. It sets the tone for how people perceive you. If you wear a sweatshirt, a person might be more compelled to assume you are lazy or a slob. Dressing for success is a major part of “adulting”, and showing people that you are capable to rule the world.


4. Never underestimate the power of a good accessory.


The first time we see Miranda Priestly, she is wearing sunglasses. Not only do they make her look more glamorous, but she removes them in such a dramatic, fierce way that we automatically know she is the boss.


5. Always to get things done as fast and as flawlessly as possible.


No matter who you work for, completing work before a deadline and having the ability to quickly complete tasks is always important. After all, you know what they say: time is money.


6. Sacrificing your health for your career is not worth it.


No matter how many times you say, “I refuse to be sick, I’m wearing Valentino for crying out loud”, you cannot change your health. Emily Chalton, whom you recognize as Emily Blunt, attempts to go on a severe diet, and it only causes the downfall in her fashion career. She is more tired and less alert, which causes her to cross the street and get hit by a car-resulting in the mandatory bed-rest that prevents her from traveling to Paris.


7. Always keep extra mints in your purse!


This way, Nigel will never know what you had for breakfast. No matter where you are, or who you are meeting with, mints are imperative to prevent or hide bad breath.


8. Positivity can get you through the day (or year).


Even though both Andy and Emily have difficult jobs, at the end of the day being positive (and realizing that millions of girls would kill for their jobs) helps them to get through everything. Tell yourself that you love your job, and eventually you will.


9. Do not make excuses.


Who cares if your dog ate your homework or your cat had a medical emergency! Do not bother your employer with the details, rather apologize and get to work.


10. Everyone gets intimidated sometimes.


Remember, you are not alone—if you are afraid of your boss, chances are there are plenty of other people who are also afraid of said boss.



My name is Tiffanie Snyder! Studying Media, Culture, and Communications (MCC) at NYU as a twentysomething, I spend my time immersing myself in any kind of movie, book, or magazine I can find. Chai tea is my beverage of choice, and I love almost all food. I have a Pomeranian named Tackle. Join me on my roadtrip down Twentysomething lane.

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