It’s still an absolute shock to me that, my 26th birthday is almost here. Surprisingly, though, I am really excited for my birthday this year. I am now a wife to the most amazing man on this planet and a mom to a handsome little boy, and I finally kind of feel like an adult.

As I continue to get older, how I want to spend my birthday continues to change. And this year, as a new mom, I have absolutely no interest in partying hard for my birthday.

Here are 10 things I would rather do on my 26th birthday instead of partying.


1. Eat breakfast in bed.



2. Catch up on television shows.



3. Watch a new movie.



4. Binge on junk food.

giphy (20)


5. Take an extra long bubble bath.



6. Lay down and take a nap.

giphy (21)


7. Order a pizza from the best pizza place in town.

giphy (22)


8. Go out to dinner to the best diner in town.



9. Eat loads of birthday cake.



For my upcoming 26th birthday, I don’t plan on hitting the club or bar scene. I have come to the understanding that, partying in my past and no longer in my present.

I would rather just do any of the ten things listed above as they are all quite relaxing, satisfying, and enjoyable.

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