1. You tuck while driving. Sometimes you even push into the steering wheel while doing so to activate your abs when stuck in traffic or at red lights. And if you didn’t do this before, now you will because #exercise.

2. You actually tuck while sitting anywhere. Not just driving. On your couch, at your desk, on the subway, in a meeting. You’re a tucking maniac and YOU DON’T CARE.

3. Your friends constantly ask you if you’re tucking. You’re not even sure if they know what tucking actually is, but chances are the answer is “yes.”

4. You go on your highest heels whenever you’re standing around waiting for something. For example, I go on my highest heels while waiting for the microwave to go off in the kitchen. I also sometimes find myself going up on my toes when standing talking to someone at work. Bad habit or awesome habit? I’m not sure.

5. Your workout clothing collection slowly becomes “high end.” No more TJ Maxx tanks and yoga pants. It’s all about Lululemon tops and pants from fancy yoga brands like Beyond Yoga.

6. Your workout outfits become trendy AF. Black yoga pants are so last year. It’s all about bright colors and patterns galore with matching tops, sports bras, and headbands, duh.

7. You wear “barre outfits” when you’re not planning on going to barre. “Can I wear yoga pants?” is your signature catchphrase every time you leave your home. 99% of the time you will only go somewhere when you can wear yoga pants. Your cutest outfits are your barre outfits and it’s not your fault. Active wear is in. And you can’t stomach the thought of wearing anything else. Comfort over everything.

8. You buy tops that are branded with the word “barre” from your studio. Gotta have that swag.

9. When alone and bored, you find things in your home that resemble a barre and you try to get your thighs to shake. I often hold on to the chair at my kitchen table, go up on my highest heels (see above), and pulse until I shake. If only I could make this happen every time I do this at class.

10. You feel effing fantastic all the time no matter HOW you look. The number on the scale won’t matter to you, but the tightness of your waist and the definition in your arms will mean everything. You look badass, you feel badass, you are badass. Barre FTW!


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