Fresh manicure – check. Phone call to all of the family members- check. Thoughtfully crafted Facebook update- check. Handsome man to spend my life with- check!

These were the things that went through my mind as I scrolled through my mental list of “engagement to-do’s.” It was a whirlwind of a day, but it was blissful, and magical, and wonderful.

As the week has passed by, I noticed a pattern in the things that kept happening to me. With engagement season upon us, here are 10 things that you can expect to experience right after you get engaged.

1. You will find your gaze randomly shifting to your left hand at any given time. 

During your nana’s Christmas play. (10 times, to be exact. My fiance counted.) Driving down the highway. Updating spreadsheets at work. All of the sudden, your left hand becomes the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen. The ring on your finger just looks. so. good. And everyone wants to see it, too. Better keep that mani fresh.


2. You will constantly think your ring has fallen off. 

Once you get past the “OMG I CAN’T STOP STARING AT MY LEFT HAND” phase, in comes the, “OMG, OMG… Has my ring fallen off? I don’t feel it. Okay, it’s still there, phew!” phase. Now, I find myself looking at my hand to ensure the ring is there. When I see it, then I revert back to the staring and admiration phase.


3. People from your past start popping up. 

I’ve heard from more people from my past (whom I’ve spent the last decade not talking with) since getting engaged. It’s so flattering to see that they genuinely care, and it brings up all the feels.


4. You will keep telling people that you’re “not going to start planning yet.”

Yeah. I said I would wait until the holiday had passed to start my planning. Who was I kidding? My Pinterest is overflowing with wedding boards, I have to force myself to actually work and not research venues all day and my poor fiance is probably already sick of wedding planning.


5. You will have to answer some questions. ALL THE QUESTIONS.  

How did he propose? (Oh, don’t worry. I’ll tell you even if you didn’t ask.) When is the wedding? Do you have a date yet? Where are you planning to get married? What kind of theme do you want? What are you colors? How many attendants? When do I get grandbabies? (Yeah, calm down parents. I just got engaged 12 hours ago.)


6. You will find yourself telling literally everyone you encounter. 

Sorry, Pizza Hut delivery guy. Sorry, little girl in line at the grocery store. Sorry, I’m sooo not sorry.


7. No matter what, it seems like your wedding or your engagement finds its way into every conversation.

Which inevitably leads to you annoying your friends and coworkers. Again. Sorry, not sorry. I meeeaaan, I’M GETTING MARRIED!

we're getting married

8. You will receive more Facebook and text messages than you can count. 

Seriously. It’ll take you at least a week to reply to everyone. Enjoy it. Embrace it. They are so happy for you!


9. You will randomly find yourself smiling about your fiance and the proposal. 

All. The. Time. And you can’t stop calling him fiance. It’s like the honeymoon period all over again. (Surely everyone is annoyed with the cuteness by now.)

blair excited

10. No matter how overwhelming the planning process may look, you can’t wait to get to that day where you say “I Do” to spending the rest of your life, with the love of your life. 

Sure, there are so many decisions to make. And yes, planning can take over your world. But when I feel my head start spinning, and the stress rising, I simply remind myself what the whole purpose of this day, this time, is all about. This time is to enjoy the fact that someone loves me enough to want to be with me forever. This time is meant to celebrate that love that exists between the two of you. And that day, that special, magical, blissful, wonderful day, is meant to show the world that love and throw it around like confetti. (Or bubbles. Or sparklers. Whatever. I’ll plan our wedding exit later.)



Erin is a 25-year-old Texas girl, born and raised. She loves all things that sparkle, anything yellow, and being awkward. She trips over the air, spills coffee on the daily, and sometimes forgets her words, but she does all of it with blissful grace. She is passionate for animals of all kinds and writing to inspire others.

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