Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian klan, and sister Kendall used to look like this:


Now, they look like this:


That picture was taken at the Paper Towns movie premiere where 19-year-old model Kendall rocked a high fashion dress and 17-year-old Kendall went nude. Well, not completely nude, but like pretty much nude. The teen who MAY I ADD IS NOT YET 18 AND LEGAL has literally transformed into sister Kim Kardashian (oh hi plastic surgery) and looks seriously hot. Like, is it weird that I am totally into this look, blue hair and all? I hope not.

But then I remember that Kylie Jenner is 17, and then I remember what I was doing (and what I looked like – ugh) at 17, and I think HOW. And then I watch videos such as the one below of Kylie dancing with model friend Cara Delevingne and I think WHY.

Every time you see a picture (or sexual video) of Kylie Jenner being an abnormal teenager, please remember what you were doing when you were her age.

1. Working some boring part-time job.

The people needed their ice cream.
The people needed their ice cream.

2. Talking to friends on AIM and pouring your feelings into away messages.


3. Studying or partaking in Summer Reading. Or not and pretending you did.


4. Playing with your flip phone.


5. Updating your MySpace.


6. Drinking cheap beer in a friend’s basement or in the woods.


7. Shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, or American Eagle and NO WHERE ELSE. Where else would you get your ripped jeans, tight tanks that didn’t fit, and puka shell necklaces? #OnFleekenhanced-buzz-32036-1367908726-0


8. Burning CDs with your Limewire music collection. And then decorating those CDs.


9. Worrying about prom.


10. Watching The OC and Laguna Beach and dreaming about what life would be like as a wealthy person from Southern California, i.e. Kylie Jenner. #MustBeNice



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