This past April, my mom threw me the most perfect bridal shower. She did such an outstanding job with the entire thing: the invitations were beyond cute, the decorations and party favors were outrageously adorable, the bridal shower games were very creative and fun, and the food was delicious.

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While attending my own bridal shower, several thoughts came across my mind. Here are 10 thoughts I had while attending my own bridal shower that you might have when attending yours, too!


1. It feels so surreal that I’m getting married.

Since you were a little girl, I’m sure you dreamed about your wedding. While attending your bridal shower, it’s going to hit your extremely hard that your getting married very soon because, everyone will constantly be congratulating you and asking you a million questions about your upcoming wedding.

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2. Everything looks so… beautiful.

You’ll be awed and taken back by how everything looks at the shower. All of the festive decorations, adorable party favors, and stunning looking cupcakes will leave you speechless, as you’ll be beyond appreciative to your mom for all of her hard work.


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3. What are we going to do with all these gifts?

Let’s be realistic, you have absolutely no idea just how many gifts you’ll receive at your bridal shower. You totally must be prepared to spend a large amount of time opening everyone’s gifts because, it’s going to take forever.  (If you’re anything like me, just enjoy opening all of your lovely gifts and find humor in it!)

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4. People actually bought us gifts off our wedding registry.

It’ll amaze you on how many gifts you’ll receive off your wedding registry. All of those hours you spent registering at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Macy’s were totally worth it. Because now you and your soon to be hubby have the items you absolutely wanted the most for your new life together.

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5. I’m going to have to send out a lot of you cards.

When you open each gift you’ll  realize how many thank you cards you’ll need. When your shower is over, you can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time out of their busy lives to attend your shower and for their thoughtful gifts.

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6. This food is so delicious, I want to jam it all in my mouth at once.

If you’re a foodie and love to eat, I’m sure you’ll be excited about the food at your bridal shower. Especially if all your favorite foods are being served but, remember everyone’s watching you and you must eat gracefully.

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7. Bridal shower games are not cheesy, they’re actually fun.

Bridal shower games are the best because 9 times of of 10 you can win a prize. And honestly, who doesn’t want to take home an awesome prize?

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8. I want to take photos with everyone and upload them to Facebook now.

If you’re obsessed with Facebook like me, you may feel the need to take photos with absolutely everyone at your bridal shower. Not only so you can upload them to Facebook but also so you can remember what a lovely bridal shower you had.

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9. There so many people who are genuinely happy for us.

Throughout your entire wedding process, you’ll both realize how many people are genuinely happy for you two. Because, you’ll get to see up close and personal how excited people are about your upcoming wedding and future together.

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10.We are so lucky to have so many strong, beautiful women in our lives.

You guys will realize how many great women are in your lives such as family members and friends. Not only will you realize what a great group of ladies are in your lives but, you will also be more thankful they are in your lives.



While attending my bridal shower in April, the above 10 thoughts came across my mind. I was quite shocked how many thoughts I had throughout my special day and how real it began to feel that, I was getting married.

Not only did a million thoughts come to my mind on my special day but, I also felt several different emotions. I felt genuinely happy as I would soon be getting married to my absolute best friend, appreciative for all of the time and energy my mom spent on the shower, grateful for all of the lovely gifts we received, and beyond blessed to be surrounded by such an outstanding group of family and friends.

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