1. Going through your Facebook profile pretending you’re someone else. You do this to get an idea of what a random person would think of you based on profile. This happens almost always after you “make a new friend” on Facebook. It’s weird.

2. Panicking whenever stalking someone on ANY social media platform because you might like something by accident… or the future may create a way for people to see who has viewed their profiles (you know, like Subprofiles did back in our AIM days). You don’t want anyone you stalk knowing you stalk them.


3. Checking your activity log on Facebook to make sure you didn’t like anyone’s Facebook status by accident. And then panicking if you did because… see number 2.

4. Not responding to Facebook chats until at least a few hours after they are sent because then you would be required to respond right away and engage in a conversation. What do people think this is? 8th grade AIM? You’re too busy with life to be expected to respond to someone right away, duh.

5. Going wild on all social media networks when there is a controversial topic that everyone is talking about online. And then engaging in that conversation by trying to come up with the funniest statuses and memes ever. Did someone say #TheDress?


6. Caring way too much about “likes.” Whether it’s likes on an Instagram picture or favorites on a tweet, we are itching for acceptance. But not in person. Real life doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about what people think of us ONLINE.

7. Planning weddings on Pinterest when you’re not even getting married. Because, as I said above, real life doesn’t matter anymore. Internet life is everything.

8. Googling people. This is a bit weird and a bit stalker-ish, but it’s the only way you can find out who a person really is nowadays. What do the phrases “getting to know someone” and “in person” mean anyway?

9. Wasting hours taking quizzes that tell us what or who we “really are.” THE INTERNET DOESN’T KNOW WHAT OR WHO WE REALLY ARE. Seriously guys.

10. Hashtags. Why.



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