Sadly, Obama’s time in the White House is almost up and soon another president will be in office. Already there is much controversy over the running candidates – including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and my personal favorite, Deez Nuts. At this year’s VMAs, Kanye West made yet another scene during the show and announced that he will be running for president in 2020. That’s probably the last thing this country needs, but here are 11 celebrities that I wouldn’t mind for President –

1.Taylor Swift –  She’s cute, bubbly, and everyone wants to be her bestie! She could help achieve world peace because she would become BFFs with every world leader. Her #girlsquad would make the perfect Cabinet, just picture the Bad Blood video, without fighting Selena.


2.Beyonce – Cause duh. #QUEENBEY2016


3.George Clooney – More Americans would watch Presidential speeches if he were giving them. I promise.

4.Amy Schumer – She’s real and honest. Qualities everyone wants in a leader. She is also well spoken. She gave a moving speech after the shooting during a showing of her movie, Trainwreck, which wasn’t something she had or was expected to do, yet she did.

Comedienne Amy Schumer and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) during a news conference in New York, Aug. 3, 2015. The two appeared together Monday to discuss legislation led by Chuck Schumer that would allow the Justice Department “to create rewards and penalties for states that submit or don’t submit all records into the background check system,” with a particular focus on the records of people with a history of mental illness and drug problems. The two are cousins — second cousins once removed, specifically — a connection they only recently explored. (Sam Hodgson/The New York Times)

5.Stephen Colbert – He already has much knowledge of politics, government, and world affairs. Let’s face it, dude’s already more qualified than some candidate that actually are running for President.


6.Jennifer Lawrence – JLaw is funny, badass, and down to Earth. Plus, I’d totally vote for Katniss Everdeen to run this country.


7.Oprah Winfrey – Could she really do any wrong? Maybe we will all get free cars!


8.Angelina Jolie – Another example of someone that could achieve world peace. Angelina Jolie is very involved in charity work in other countries. She’d be a great candidate to work with other countries and get us out of war!


9.Mindy Kaling – She’s a person that is relatable yet not offensive. She’s lived a normal life and worked her way to the top. Plus she’s everyone’s spirit animal soooo….


10.Morgan Freeman – He has one of the most famous voices to date, why not make it the voice of the people?


11.Chris Evans as Captain America – Who’s more American than Captain America. Answer: no one. Also, #datass



Kylie is a 23 year old wedding coordinator who lives in Arizona. In her free time, she likes to work out, volunteer at an animal shelter, read, and watch Netflix. She can't go a day without quoting Mean Girls. You can follow her @kylijoh_

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