As you grow up, sometimes you realize you miss being a kid. You miss the holiday parties at school, themed birthday parties, school field trips, and all of the other fun things you did while you were a kid. Just because you’re all grown up now doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a kid again. Here are 11 fun date ideas that will make you feel just that.

1. Visit your local candy factory for a tour.

If you and your significant other have a sweet tooth, a candy factory tour is the perfect date idea. Not only will you two get to tour one of your favorite candy factories but the tour usually ends with free samples.

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2. Bowl a few games at your local bowling alley.

Bowling a few games can be really fun especially if you and your partner are competitive. You can make little bets with your partner about who will win the most games. You can bet for little things such as who will get pick the next movie, or who will get to choose where you two go for dinner.

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3. Check into your favorite arcade and play laser tag.

Do you remember all the fun times you had as a kid at the arcade? There are so many things you and your S/O can do at the arcade. You can play arcade games, win awesome prizes, and of course play laser tag!

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4. Grab your ice skates, and go ice skating at your local rink.

Bundle up and go ice skating with your other half. It’s totally okay if one of you doesn’t know how to ice skate as long as you can hold onto each other tightly. Sometimes, one of you will fall, and you just have to laugh it off.

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5. Take a cooking class.

Taking a cooking class can totally be fun, as you two will have to communicate together. You both will learn how to make a new dish, and have a fun time together while learning something new.

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6. Spend the day exploring your favorite museum.

If you and your partner love to explore, the museum is the perfect place for the both of you. At the museum, you can view several exhibits, go on guided tours, visit the museum’s historic theater, and just enjoy exploring!

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7. Drop by the zoo and spend all day visiting with the animals.

Do you remember all of the school field trips to the zoo as a kid? (If you’re like me, I’m sure you have several memorable experiences at the zoo.) There’s always so much to see at the zoo such as all of the animals, shows, riding the zoo’s tram, and of course grabbing lunch in the cafeteria.

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8. Stop by your favorite ice cream parlor, and build your favorite sundae.

Think about your favorite spot to grab ice cream as a kid. Then, bring your S/O other there and build the ultimate ice cream sundae.

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9. Go to your local mall and build a stuffed animal.

Stop by your local Build-A-Bear and choose a bear to take home! The store even carries Star Wars stuffed animals now, so your partner can build one of those while you build your own cute bear to take home.

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10. Take a mini road trip and drive to your favorite childhood lunch/dinner spot.

Jump in the car and take a drive to your favorite childhood lunch/ dinner spot. Spending the day eating at your favorite restaurant with your other half can be fun. You two can discuss your favorite childhood memories while eating some of your favorite foods.

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11. Stay home and watch some of your favorite childhood TV shows and movies.

If you’re not in the mood to go out, stay in with your S/O. Watch a few of your favorite childhood television shows and movies. Often you can find the old television shows and movies online for FREE!

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