Twitter was abuzz on Wednesday as several organizations, most notably NBC, reported a “Friends” reunion will air in February. While Entertainment Weekly says the reunion is part of a special in tribute to director James Burrowns, we couldn’t help but entertain the thought of a series reunion. Here are 11 reasons we all need a “Friends” reunion.

1. The moves.

Who doesn’t want to see another Joey/Chandler victory dance?


2. Flashbacks on Flashbacks.

Speaking of moves, anyone remember Monica’s fat years? How about her solid dance moves during those years? We need more. LOTS more. We also need Rachel pre-nose job and Ross pre-haircut. Pronto.


3. Aging goals.

All six of the “Friends” actors have aged BEAUTIFULLY. We need a reunion just to give us something to aim for. Have you SEEN Jennifer Aniston lately? (#chandlervoice)


4. Another “sandwich” episode.

Every time I say “That’s my sandwich” — which is, obviously, frequently because who doesn’t love sandwiches — I think of Ross’ “MY sandwich?!” scene. I can’t get enough of it. Let’s bring the glorious sandwich back.


5. Another Thanksgiving episode.

Or two, or five. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, Thanksgiving episodes are always the best, and have a way of making us feel like crazy about our own family/friend holiday experiences. They just GET it. Plus, who wouldn’t give anything to see Brad Pitt discuss the “I Hate Rachel Club” again?


6. Audition inspiration.

If you’re an aspiring actor/actress, you should harness your inner Joey. While he may not always get the roles, he definitely makes an impression. Try learning french. It’s super easy…



I love to hate Janice. It’s one of my favorite and also least favorite parts of “Friends.” The voice. The hair. The words. We need it all. It wouldn’t be a true reunion without her!


8. Mike and Phoebe.

We all need a little more Mike in our lives. Look at that love, that commitment. Can’t get enough.

mike central

9. Central Perk.

No coffee shop can live up to my expectations after watching “Friends.” Where’s the orange couch? Why are my friends not here? WHERE’S GUNTHER? I need a reunion series just so I can spend some time living in fantasy coffee shop land and away from all the mediocrity of coffee shops IRL.


10. This.


11. And also this.


BRB, going to re-watch all 10 seasons immediately.



Gillian is a videographer by day and a writer by night. A native of Boston, MA, she is a loyal Red Sox fan, company member of DanceWorks Boston, and lover of baked goods. She does not eat ketchup.

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