Tom Hardy. He’s a Hollywood cliche. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. But he’s deserving of all the adoration.He’s an undeniably great actor who exudes the classic manliness of Marlon Brando. Gifted with the unique ability to melt into his characters, he completely transforms himself, making you forget that you’re watching a movie at all. Falling in love with him because of his great acting is obvious, but there are so many other reasons why Tom Hardy continues to stay at the top of many women’s celebrity crush lists.

1. He loves man’s best friend.

It’s no secret that Tom is an avid dog lover. And everybody knows a dog is a chick magnet. A couple of years ago he even did a PETA campaign advocating adoption. There always seems to be one of his trusty canines at his side. He even let his pooch, Woody, crash the premiere for his newest movie, Legend, as well as make an appearance at the after party, effortlessly stealing all the movie star’s thunder.


2. He’s an abrasive interviewee.

In some interviews he’s a complete softie, all bashful and quiet, but in others, he’s brash, foul-mouthed, and serious. He’s an interesesting subject no matter his mood, but when his energy’s high and he’s being bold—like he was with Esquire’s Tom Junod in 2014—he comes off dangerous and yet, a bit mysterious, like the guy in the corner of the bar who no one knows anything about but is afraid to approach. It’s like he’s ready to throw down and fight if he has to. A real-life Mad Max.

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3. He’s honest.

Tom has been through some heavy stuff. He battled a crack addiction and alcoholism to finally sober up in 2003. Even though getting clean is just a tiny dot in his rearview mirror, he remains very open about his experiences, letting himself be a warning for young, delinquent youth like he once was. His directness on the subject is refreshing and sheds a new, positive light on life after treatment.

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4. His accent.

Because who doesn’t love a British accent—especially one so gritty and rough and tumble sounding?


5. His surfer bracelets.

Tom likes his bracelets. He’s barely ever photographed without them. Leather or beaded, they add a touch of the laid-back, a tinge of the I-do-yoga-on-Saturdays to help mellow his intense vibe.


He doesn’t just like wearing them though. Something about bulky Tom Hardy sitting down to tackle a friendship bracelet like my friends and I used to on the school bus just makes my heart melt.

tom hardy bracelets

6. His tattoos.

Like every bad boy, he rocks a bit of ink. The Union Jack. His wife’s name. The list goes on. As you can see, he’s got quite a few. They help accentuate his bad boy, bar room brawl image.

tom hardy tattoos

7. His MySpace profile.

Tom’s old Myspace page has been sitting around the internet for a while, just waiting to be rediscovered. While promoting his latest film at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September, reporters questioned him about the old pics, most of them showing a shirtless Hardy mugging for the camera. Tom just shook it off, proud of his pics and not the least bit embarrassed. He likes to think of himself as an adonis. I don’t hear anyone disagreeing.

tom hardy myspace 2

8. He’s a proud papa.

In 2008, his then-girlfriend gave birth to a little baby boy. He keeps his son hidden from the public these days, but he snapped quite a few photos when he was a baby. Now, baby number two is on the way, making ovaries everywhere jealous.


9. He’s monogamous.

Tom is a complete sex symbol. He could have any girl he wanted, but he choose to believe in love, re-marry, and lead a semi-normal and quiet life.


10. He is Bane.

You couldn’t go to any party in 2012 without hearing at least three different, but poorly executed, Bane impersonations. He was tasked with keeping the villains in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise on par with Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning Joker. I’d say he successfully checked off that box.

(L-r) TOM HARDY as Bane and CHRISTIAN BALE as Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ action thriller “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. TM and © DC Comics

11. His sense of humor.

Every celebrity filming a movie or new project has to make the obligatory talk show circuit. While some have the personality of a wet sponge, Tom comes across as funny, engaged, and normal. He’s not afraid to look a little foolish.

tom hardy funny


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